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(A dream about) my dead cousin (#triggerwarning: #effigy)

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , on April 24, 2014 by Anton A. Hill

This was my third religious dream in about as many weeks. So fucking weird. I wrote about that demon dream, had a second one I didn’t write about, and now this. What the fuck is going on?

I don’t remember a lot of detail, but it was in a place like London’s Westminster Abbey. I was attending the funeral of one of my cousins (who’s thankfully still alive). Her body had been placed in a very ornate tomb, along the lines of the royalty buried in the Abbey.

I recall I didn’t wanna be there. At all. I was even sort of afraid. Like maybe her death would somehow rub off on me (she’s only two and a half years older).

As I approached the tomb to pay my last respects, I heard this small, recorded voice–her voice–acknowledge me and proceed to tell me what I’d inherited. Wasn’t much.

You might be wondering, how did her tomb know I was approaching? Retinal scan? I don’t know. It was a dream.

The next significant thing was that, feeling increasingly creeped out, I backed away and somehow managed to trip back and over the tomb. Hard to describe. With my fall, I also managed to dislodge the effigy, removing the top of the tomb.

I didn’t dare look, but I knew the coffin was open. Her body was exposed. For all to see.

I wasn’t concerned with embarrassment, however; I was for some reason concerned that, were I to touch her body, I’d somehow

die as well
be possessed
or something.

I woke up soon thereafter, with the lingering fear of my cousin’s ghost. I had to consciously remind myself that none of it was real.

The worst part is I was more relieved at the lack of reality of the supernatural than of my cousin’s death. Sorry, cous.

My hangout|WITH MARY H

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , on April 21, 2014 by Anton A. Hill

This one was quite different. Due to the fact that this past Sunday was Jewish Lich Day, I took the day off in terms of hangouts since I’d already recorded this one with Mary.

That’s not the only difference. She’d contacted me out of the blue on this site looking for an interview on anarchy and atheism. So this hangout is that interview. Thus, the usual stuff of “How the fuck are ya?” and “Final Word is to you,” are missing. What you do get, though, is:

  • Lots of talk about Libertarianism
  • My criticisms thereof
  • Including my hard-hitting questions to Mary on why she supports it
  • Her adorable kid dropping in to say hi
  • All in about thirty minutes
  • With these bullet points

Kick pack, relax, and enjoy Mary’s defense of Ron Paul and come back next week for the usual hangout goodness!

Infographic: Taking Easter Seriously

Posted in Uncategorized on April 20, 2014 by Anton A. Hill

Anton A. Hill:

Thank you, #MattBrisancian, for the delicious #Easter info graphic!

Originally posted on Jericho Brisance:

Many Christians read the Easter stories year upon year, as I did for several decades, yet we never compare them in detail. As a consequence, we often do not realize that they are not telling the same story. There are indeed contradictions in the texts, but it is very important to move beyond “mere contradiction” - the issues with our gospels are far more extensive than that. Comparison against the historical record and assessing the gospels for trends of legend development are probably far more crucial. As with many non-believers, I left Christianity specifically because of the Bible , and because I considered and examined its content very seriously indeed.

Perhaps it is time for more Christians to take the Bible and our Easter stories seriously.

[Click Image for Full Size Version. Use Ctrl+ and Ctrl- to adjust zoom.]

JerichoBrisance Easter Infographic 04202014

As always, I look to improve the accuracy of my work wherever…

View original 151 more words

Happy #JewishLichDay w/ a card from @epicentrewestla!

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , , , on April 20, 2014 by Anton A. Hill

The last several years, I’ve celebrated Easter Sunday by doing other stuff. Any excuse to celebrate is a good excuse. To be honest, I’ve always enjoyed the more secular/Pagan traditions of Easter–the bunnies, the eggs, etc.–so the idea of continuing some sort of celebration wasn’t a foreign idea.

The “other stuff” has basically become some sort of brunch, though this has been on-off, and mini-golf.

You read that right.

It happened one year randomly. The suggestion came up and that’s what we went with. This year, since I chose not to schedule a hangout for later today (long story there), I knew we’d have the whole afternoon. That’s plenty of time for mini-golf.

Earlier yesterday, after a day of Olvera Street (haven’t been since grad school) and MOCA (never been), we returned home to find these cards waiting for us on top of our mailboxes:

A couple of things I noticed immediately… While it does say “Easter brunch” and while “Easter” is obviously almost always used in a Christian context, it’s increasingly become more secular so I (perhaps stupidly) assumed it was sort of a family event sponsored by the city, not a church event. Second thing, nowhere on it does it say anything about a church.

Why is that?

Do the cats at Epicentre have something to hide? And why’s it called “Epicentre” anyway? That’s a misleading, if not downright dishonest, term to use for a church. “Epicentre,” especially with the British spelling, can connote any general civic idea (or even the heart of a disaster–the epicentre of a storm).

Due to the above, and to the fact that it takes place in a public park, I decided to look up the event.

Shocker: It’s a church. In fact affiliated with the Antioch Waco, TX church, which means… nothing to me.

Here’s an interesting thing, though. You know how for the past several decades, the evangelical movement has used terms like “born again” or “feeling the spirit” or whatever else? Not so anymore, it seems. I found stuff like:

“…and ascended bodily into heaven as our Priest and Advocate.”

“Advocate”? Jesus is a lawyer now? Seriously, I’ve never seen Christ referred to that way.

“We believe in the principle of separation of Church and State, guaranteeing an individual’s freedom to choose one’s own faith.”

That I didn’t expect and I wonder if this is just lip service or if they really mean it.

“We believe in the bodily resurrection of the believer and of the non-believer, and in the everlasting blessedness of the believer and the everlasting conscious punishment of the non-believer.”

I’m confused. I thought traditional Christian doctrine was that the nonbeliever wasn’t resurrected. But whatever, maybe I’ve gotten that wrong. More to the point, what’s this “everlasting conscious punishment” bullshit? What, Christians don’t say “Hell” anymore? Centuries of terrible PR have finally taken their toll? Seriously, I don’t get it. If you think nonbelievers are going to Hell, why don’t you just say that?

Then there’s this fun tidbit:

I don’t get modern Christian culture. Why is it always lame, acoustic guitar music? Always? Seriously?

My musical criticism notwithstanding, we’re honestly tempted to check this shit out. Too bad it’s at 10:30am on a fucking Sunday.

So hey, Epicentre, thanks for the pretty card. Though I’ve been advised against it, I’d love to do a hangout with your pastor or whomever else some day. Happy Jewish Lich Day, but we’ll be mini-golfing.


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Due to tech issues, this one was a little different. No mic (except Mike–>ha ha ha!). All over Skype. Thus, it sounds like it’s in an echoey echo chamber and over the phone. There’s also no cut-away to Lee. Lots of watching me push up my glasses. Sigh. What are you gonna do? Had fucking UberConference worked, it wouldn’t have been a damn problem. Ah, well, enjoy Lee’s non-visual, voice-only voice!


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