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The #AtheistAssholeShow|WITH @SUBMANUSN

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Much shitting was upon’d! So Subman opens with, “Didga hear about that crazy Zoe Quinn bitch? Wow! What a crazy bitch!”

Hi, Zoe. I don’t know much about you and I care even less. Did you sleep your way onto Steam? I don’t know. I don’t care. Does your “game” suck donkey balls? I don’t know. I don’t care. I’ll check it out when I have the time and I’ll let you know.

Enough on Zoe. I also shat a bit on Secular Woman (really not much), and Atheism+. A little more.

Subman, on the other hand, shat on everyone! Including a nice little snuck-in whisper in the end.

Can you guess who?

Random shit for Friday (#triggerwarning: #butthurt)

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on August 16, 2014 by Anton A. Hill

I have a confession to make. I’ve been butthurt. A lot. With quite a number of people. In some cases, due to some big shit. In others, very, very little shit. In both types of cases, though, I can’t seem to let it go.

No names given. No specifics specified. No particular order.

  • He said some shit that I felt was not only inaccurate, but presumptive. And he just sort of pronounced it as if his opinion were fact. I called him on it. He ignored me.
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The #AtheistAssholeShow|WITH @KARN33333

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Boy did Karn and I bounce around. And boy were my positions challenged! I’m all like, “Citizens are no match against the federal government (in terms of defense against state tyranny).” And Karn’s all like, “Yes they are.”


And seriously sorry about getting on feminism. I both don’t really care about what are oft called “radfems” and have no interest in attacking same.

Not sorry about my opening comments on American Atheists’ tweet about Robin Williams. Y’all–I’m looking at you, David Silverman and David Muscato–need to get your shit together.


I survived watching #ISurvived

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I learned of this odd social experiment a few weeks ago when I happened upon it randomly. I’m unclear what drew me in. Possibly the unpretentious witnesses. I’m guessing more the black backgrounds. For some reason, I really like it when my background doesn’t feel distracting.

I call it a social experiment because it felt like one. It was true stories, as told by those who survived them, in grizzly detail. I mean, who does that? In my own experiment/experience, once polite conversation goes off on tragic tangents, especially the likes of the I Survived crowd, people immediately feel so uncomfortable as to find plausible excuses to exit the conversation. I suppose, then, that the experiment is seeing how long these people can go before we’re all too uncomfortable.

And I got uncomfortable. Very uncomfortable. But I kept watching. ‘Cause I had to know. Which is, I suspect, what makes it good interesting television.

The cases ran the gamut. One guy whined about being bitten by a rattlesnake. Another guy bitched about surviving a plane crash.

Child’s play.

The shit that really grabbed me was the truly awful, very personal shit. The shit that made me question the survivability of humanity. That made me wonder why anything’s worth it. Continue reading

The #AtheistAssholeShow|WITH @PALACE486

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“Atlanta! I mean Austin! I mean Dallas!”
–me being a dick

Even after Hix had told me the names of Fellowship of Freethought Dallas, of which he’s a board member, and Oak Cliff Secularists, of which he’s a founder, the first goddamn word out of my mouth in reference to the first was “Atlanta.”

Not even in Texas.

What an elitist west coaster I am. Anyway, Hix was gracious enough to take my name/identification slights in stride and even put up with my whining about my own board-member days.

Oh, and David Gamma Atheist? It’s on.

Check out all Hix’ stuff here:

Dallas Fort Worth Coalition of Reason
Fellowship of Freethought Dallas:
Oak Cliff Secularists:

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