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It’s official: I’ve deleted #atheist podcasts (w/ exceptions). @anewsteam @ffzpodcast @reapsowradio

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Donkeys years ago, I was a member of American Atheists and a subscriber to their newsletter. This was before Dave Silverman’s regime. It was the days of Judge Roy Moore’s Ten Commandments monument placement. I delighted every time I saw that atom logo in the mail. I couldn’t wait to devour the contents inside. News, updates, and articles on all things atheist.

Concurrently, I suffered from this very odd psychological condition. Once a month, almost to the day, I got really, really pissed off and frustrated. It’d last a few days or even up to a week. It was really unpleasant, really uncomfortable, and I desperately wanted it to go away.

Wait a minute.

I know what you’re thinking: correlation/causation fallacy. Normally, I’d assume there was some validity to that except that the days on which I got really pissed off always corresponded with the days I received AA’s publication. Reading the AA newsletter was pissing me off!

I don’t blame AA at all. They were just doing their job. But for me, it became exhausting. As much as I cared about (and still do) atheist issues, the newsletter was kind of taking over my emotional life.

I unsubscribed.

Or perhaps more accurately, I let my subscription run out. I was no longer clockwork pissed off. Success!

Let’s flash forward a few years. It’s around ’08 and I’m downloading every last atheist podcast I can store on my li’l iPhone. The topics range from debunking the religious to church/state separation issues to commiseration.

Then elevatorgate happened.

No, I am NOT blaming Rebecca Watson for this. Remember, I’ve on multiple occasions publicly supported her (initially) in that whole mess. No, no. This isn’t on her. It’s on all those who (myself included) took a giant diarrhea dump down each others’ throats for everything from elevatorgate to rape apologetics to whatever the fuck else you wanna throw in there.

For years now it’s been asshat this and too-ugly-to-rape that and I’m fucking sick of it. And that’s not all. I started to realize that I was getting really sick of all non-bullshit-related topics. I was just sick of the whole fucking thing.

Judge Roy Moore all over again.

I mentioned this a few weeks ago here:

But I’ve taken it a step further. Not only did I unsubscribe from a bunch of podcasts, but a few days ago, I even deleted old episodes of some of those that I’d intended to listen to at some point. Even some very, very famous ones. Fuck it. Tired of it. Delete.

Never felt better.

Okay, no, that’s total bullshit. There are plenty of times I’ve felt better, but in this context nope. Not only do I not regret deleting old episodes, but I’m also relieved. They’re not there and I don’t care.

But for the exceptions I listed above (and maybe a couple of others), I’m done. And honestly, it’s not like Full Frontal and Reap Sow never get into the bullshit, but at least they both make me laugh. (Oh, and A-News is cool too.) A lot to be said for entertainment value.

“vlog|6 20 13″ in which I discuss @MrAtheistPants, @JustinVacula, @BraveHeroRadio, the @NationalAtheist Party, and the @GoodNewsClub!

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I’m gonna have to update these more frequently as at least one issue I mention is already moot. Oh, well. What are you gonna do?

As a bit of an update to the thing I mention about the stupid atheist movement, I’m actually not so sure I’ll make a video about it. I’ve become less and less concerned about the movement and what happens to it. Mainly this is due to the fact that I’ve found a direct correlation between what’s going on in the movement and my mood. And here’s the thing:

I like being happy.

That’s right! As energizing as it can be in the moment, being pissed off about boneheaded things that stupid people say or do only carries one till about noon, then one just wants to hear happy, cool stuff. I frankly don’t know how cats like Justin Vacula do it, not only being activists, but putting up with some people’s bullshit.

This is not to say that I won’t ever criticize my fellow atheists again, far from it. If someone does or says something that’s bullshit, I may feel compelled to say something about it, but there’s at least one thing on which I agree with Dave Silverman, I’m getting pretty sick of the shit.

Check out my “vlog|6 10 13″ in which I discuss the @NationalAtheist Party and @AmericanAtheist’s @DaveMuscato’s #TenCommandments monument!

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As any even occasional reader knows, I’ve found almost no time for this site, let alone relevant updates, on-going projects (like poor Steve Shives over there!), and certainly nothing new. In fact, I’m still way backlogged on some Conversations with Believers from months ago. And while I truly do endeavor to get around to all that, I figured in the meantime, it’d be a dandy idea to provide content.

Ah, content.

I really hate that word. I don’t even know why. I think because it’s become an all-encompassing, and thus utterly meaningless term for… anything one can create? I don’t even know. All I do know is that it seems to be here to stay so I might as well use it.


Due mostly to a good friend’s suggestion of keeping a vlog, I thought, hey, why don’t I do that? I made two promises to myself. 1. that I could just riff on whatever happened to be on my mind that day, whether it be news items, my own activity, or anything else that happened to be atheist-related. 2. I didn’t have to do anything special to it like lots of editing or clips or anything. i still save that for other videos.

So here it is approximately once a week, my brand-ass-new vlog in which I share all my little thoughts on whatever I share them on!

Have at thee!

Behold @realanews’ 2nd anniv w/ @BrianAllenAptJ, #LeeMoore, @blairscott_AL, @ShayrahA, @steve_shives, @ReapSowRadio, @justinvacula, & me!

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It took me forever to get onto this thing because Google+ for iPhone didn’t fucking work. And then Brian’s a jerk for suggesting I don’t know how to work the webbertubes. (I kid!)

Anyway, sorry to Chris Altman and Cody Jones for not including you in the title/tweet of this post. No room and I didn’t know your Twitter handles if you have them.

And a slight apology to Blair Scott for being so challenging in my American Atheists convention policies questions.

Oh, and to everyone who watches, I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with my voice, but I pronounce my Ss very oddly and I sounded really fucking nasal (Do I ALWAYS sound like that??).

Without further ado, the hangout. A good time was had by all!

Unrelated to the above, I’ll take this opportunity to announce my three-week hiatus from posting, videos, tweets, etc. due to a trip to Europe. Let’s face facts, though, and admit that I’ve posted so infrequently lately, I doubt anyone’ll notice.

My new article “Respectable Spectacles and a Perfect Part” is live on @BridgetGaudette’s @freethoughtify!

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So I’m in line to pick up my vanilla Chai latte ’cause I’m Oregonian and that’s how we roll. I’m wearing the hell out of my Dickie Dawk Out Campaign shirt and I’m so caught up in my in-line standing that I barely notice this woman nodding with approval at my shirt.

“Cool T,” she noddingly approves.

“No, but I look like him.” I think I’m being funny.

“No, your shirt. ‘We’re All Africans.’”

“We all are, though admittedly some of us less recently than others.” I think I’m being witty.

She smiles. “So you’re an out atheist?”

“Nah, I just like the color.” I really should stop trying to be funny.

“It’s black.”

“Oh, right. Hadn’t noticed. I’m colorblind. Well, not that colorblind. Sorry, I’m being difficult.”

She nods. Yes, you are. Being difficult.

“Yeah, out atheist. Since 19. And for some reason, I feel everyone needs to know.”

“That’s cool. Makes it easier for those who don’t feel as comfortable about it.”

“About atheism?”

“About their own atheism.”

“I take it you’re an atheist as well?”

“Nah, I just like the free coffee.”

I laugh. Mostly politely.

“Sorry,” she apologizes, “now I’m being difficult.”

“Yeah, well, I started it.”

“You going to the American Atheists convention?”

“I don’t really do conventions. The only one that ever interested me was the one at which Julia Sweeney spoke. But even then, I didn’t get to it.”

“She’s great. I love her de-conversion story.”

“Me too. I’ve seen it live. Twice. Oh, there I go bragging again.”

“You have a neat air about you. Sort of uber-faux-confident.”

“That’s what my wife says.”

“I wonder, would you be interested in writing for my site, Freethoughtify?”

“What’s the ‘-ify’?”

“You know, like ‘Storify.’”

I don’t know. “Oh, yeah.”

“I’m gathering less-represented atheist writers.”

“You mean us poor, straight, white guys?”

“Well, you did say you’re colorblind.”

“That’s true. I did. I’m Anton.”


That’s the literally true story of how I started writing for Bridget Gaudette’s Freethoughtify. The site is clickable through the above logo. My article is here. And soon it’ll be on the right under “My Articles.”


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