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Now that several fans/friends have already commented on this hangout on its YouTube page, I’m finally getting to posting it here. The longest one so far, ours was a great hangout covering lots of Moore background, our mostly mutual feelings on the Great Atheist Schism ™, the Godless Revival/Sunday Assembly split, what makes a great dramatic situation, and so much more!

A new leaf. Or something. Or other. (insert: #FtBullies #adhominem)

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As even the most casual reader will notice, I don’t post that often anymore. Maybe once a week at the most and lately those have been the amazing, new vlogs. There’s a reason for the lack-of posting. Well, maybe two. One is a simple lack of time. With job stuff and marriage stuff and creative stuff and game stuff and, dare I say, social stuff, even finding five minutes to drop a thought on whatever seems to simply not have happened.

And I’ve felt frustrated by this. In the good ol’ days of ’09, I was talking about shit all the time and much of that was substantive inasmuch as it was about big issues that were popping up in the news and whatnot.

I realized recently that one of the biggest reasons for the difference is that in ’09 I wasn’t working nearly as much. I had time!

But that’s not all.

I don’t know about other writer/bloggers, but I’ve often felt an internal pressure to only publish posts that I feel will rock the world’s socks off. No, not completely. I mean, honestly, I don’t think I’ve written about much that I’d realistically expect to have that effect. But the intention had been not to post unless I felt it had some meat to it. Like an article!

Then it dawned on me the other day. The etymology of the whole thing! "Blog" is a truncation (possibly a better word for it) for "web log" which is just a log one keeps on the web.

Anybody remember Star Trek? I sure do. Remember how during the teaser of most episodes and after every commercial break there was a log? Obviously, for story purposes, the commercial-break ones were to fill the uninitiated audience who’d just tuned in to the pertinent information as to what was going on. But on a deeper (no, not really) level, they were just logs, updates, of the mundanity that had gone down. No waxing philosophical on feminism or the moral implications of Flying Spaghetti Monsters (tag whoring!), but rather simple updates.

That was it!

So with that remembering, I realized to satisfy my frustration, and during the lulls in which I’m working on more substantive issues, I can just fucking talk (er, write)! So here’s my first attempt at doing just that. I promise nothing, but what I’ll try to do is just blab in short or long posts about whatever (in atheism) happens to be rattling around in my noggin on whatever day I happen to feel like sharing.

Oh, and I plan an overhaul of the My Media section too.

My video “atheism|IS A RELIGION!” is live on #AtheistConnect!

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The video is here. The main page is here.

I did this bit a long time ago, but never got around to posting it here. It’s brief and a traditional response to the traditional assertion that atheism is just another religion. In case anyone’s wondering why it’s not also live on Support Atheism, as of this writing, they’re moving servers and updating, so have a whole backlog of material (mine and others’) that they have yet to post. Once that happens, I’ll continue to announce it here.

Thank you, #DanSavage, for calling the #Bible on its bullshit!

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It’s a damn good thing this isn’t called “Atheist News Asshole” (though I do contribute to Atheist News) because I always take days or sometimes weeks to get to the big stuff. Let’s start with the essentials, from The Young Turks:

And now some more in-depth insight, courtesy of Zinnia Jones:

And before we go any further, let’s be really clear on what a “bully” is, per


N. a blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people.

V. (with object) to act the bully toward; intimidate; domineer.

V. (without object) to be loudly arrogant and overbearing.

A bully is someone who isn’t nice to someone else for whatever reason, and it tends to be a physical not-nice, though it can be
verbal/emotional. What I don’t get is, how was Savage “bullying” the students?

Let’s pretend he was. Continue reading

My conversation with Daisy “#AndImaMormon” Chou on 4/23/12

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You’ve seen the ads. They usually pop up right before the YouTube video of your friend’s baby saying, “kitty,” or, in my case, some Super Mario/Star Trek/Star Wars mash-up video. They start off pleasant enough. They’re of some normal-looking, everyday person, someone who could work with you, who could live right down the street. They talk about their normal days, their normal jobs, their normal families. It’s not nutty or crazy or chalk-full-of-made-up-bullshit at all.

Then it comes. “And I’m a Mormon.”

You’ve just been brain-raped. You thought you were gonna see some pleasant, slightly annoying, but ultimately inoffensive ad for home insurance or laundry detergent, or, worse, the latest E! reality show glorifying some famous-because-they’re-famous flavor-of-the-month celebrity.

But no.

You’ve been lulled, through Americana stereotypes, to consider, even if only for a second, that Mormons are JUST LIKE YOU! And hey, if they’re JUST LIKE YOU, then they can’t be too nutty, can they? Sure they wear magic underwear. Sure they overwhelmingly supported the legislation to strip gays of their civil rights in California in ’08, but they’re not a pack of dicks. They’re Susie, who works with you in accounts receivable. Or Dave, who’s kid plays softball with your kid. Or maybe even Chuck, your X-Box Live acquaintance who occasionally and handily whoops you at multi-player in the latest Halo incarnation.

Or Daisy.

Daisy’s not white. Daisy’s not a guy. Daisy’s not wearing that preppie shirt-and-tie-and-pants. Daisy’s not the stereotypical white (male) Mormon. She’s JUST LIKE YOU! And if that’s the case, then the LDS church can’t be all that bad, can it?

After I wrote about Daisy here, she contacted me. And here’s what she had to say to me (I’m in italics, she’s in bold, and other stuff is in italics bold):

I’m so flattered that you took the time to come to my lil old blog.

You’re welcome. You did say you were a “dedicated” blogger, so I figured I’d check out your dedicated blog.

Lil ol me, convert who became Momo for her hottie husband.

Notice I did say “presumed.” I obviously was and am not privy to the specific reasons why you became a Mormon.

Right… cuz I couldn’t find any hot and decent guys before he came along.

I never said that.

Right… cuz I am anti-social,

Never said that either.

weird blogger who decided she would give up her raging party and alcohol filled lifestyle

Or that. Continue reading


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