I didn’t care at first.

This happened months ago, but I was reminded of it recently.

Let’s get the easy stuff outta the way. I couldn’t possibly care less about the Miss America pageant, how they choose their winners, how they don’t, or any other policy of theirs. As far as I’m concerned, they’re a private organization (like the Boy Scouts) and if they choose to let someone go for any reason, it’s their prerogative.

Given the above, I don’t care if they let her go because of her anti-gay bigotry or not. They let her go. Done. Finito.

What I care about is different.

The fact is The Young Turks deal with most of what I was gonna get into, but I’m still gonna get into it because hey, I’m the Atheist Asshole!

1. God told her to. I personally find this shit scary. It’s 1 thing to believe in an invisible magic sky man, but a little different to claim to have personal communion with said imaginary friend. Whenever I’ve heard the religious talk about this, they claim something akin to “God told me to”, or “God spoke to me.” The fact is people, whatever voice you’re hearing is you. Nothing more. It’s called intuation. It’s called a lifetime of existing in your culture and so reacting to that influence. We all do it. It’s human. Unlike the religious, though, I make no claims as to speaking with the invisible sky man.

2. Standing up for her beliefs. Since fucking when did this action alone garner so much fucking admiration? The point that everyone ignores is, what if your beliefs are wrong? Yes, I said it. Wrong. Imagine that instead of the question being “Do you think gays should have the right to marry?” it were “Do you think African-Americans should have the right to marry?” The fact of the matter is, had she said no and given the rest of her spiel, no one would’ve claimed that’s her right and good for her standing up for her beliefs. We would’ve called it what it would be: racist bigotry. It’s not enough to stand up for your beliefs just like it’s not enough to be willing to die for your country, have faith, or follow orders. Know why? Because sometimes, many times, you’re wrong. The Nazis stood up for their beliefs. The medieval Spanish stood up for their beliefs. I don’t hear any rallying around those flags. And honestly, for me, this isn’t ultimately a gay rights issue. This is a justifying one’s bigotry through God. Once you do that, no one touches you. And once you do that, you begin to believe that you’re justified in anything. Just ask the 9/11 hijackers.

3. Biblically correct. I’m so fucking sick and tired of the religious citing their books as justification for their bullshit. I’ve read Leviticus. Several times in fact. It doesn’t say dick about homosexual marriage. It says, “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.” L 18:22. I know that modern interpretations argue this is sex, but as far as I can tell, it says, “lie.” That’s a small point. The point is, it says nothing of marriage there. The bigger point is, Leviticus, Deuterotomy, and other books say a bunch of shit about what you can and can’t do. It’s no secret that God condones slavery, selling one’s daughter into slavery, slaughtering people, etc. But you never hear about that when the religious defend their bigotry with Bible verses. And why not? Because it’s fucking ridiculous! Look, when y’all stop eating shellfish, start owning slaves, stop wearing threads of different cloth types and all the other shit, then I’ll take your grand stand against gay marriage more seriously. Until then, Carrie, and all the rest, are bigoted, hateful cowards hiding behind ancient, flawed, bullshit.

2 Responses to “I didn’t care at first.”

  1. Hey Athiest Asshole,

    Love this blog! Well done sir. Rant on!

  2. […] Basically, a principle is an idea that founds the basis of and drives forth other ideas, actions, and emotions. But wait, if we go by the dictionary definition, then just about anything could be considered a principle. Like anti-miscegenation. Like anti-voting rights for non-land-owners. Like anti-child-labor laws. Oo, but nobody’s clamoring to tweet their admiration for asshole restaurant chain owners who stand for THOSE principles (anymore). Face it, kiddies. Not all “principles” are equal. Some “principles” aren’t as good as others. And some are downright wrong as I wrote about here. […]

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