Change of pace

Since the last few posts were entirely devoted to Steven (and yes, there’s more coming), I thought I’d show a bit of this as it totally grabbed me and made me wnat to vomit all over her.

As with my previous post on the Miss America bullshit, my ultimate concern is not that Wendy feels she has a right to affect public policy, abortion rights, education, etc., it’s that she keeps saying over and over that we should teach children and we should act in a way that reflects that we were created.

(She also spews a bunch of other bullshit about the evidence not being there for evolution, Darwin’s theories leading to inhumane actions, consorship fo dissention, the implication that atheistic philosophy doesn’t respect human value, and, let’s face it, that fucking condescneding, holier-than-thou smile is in desperate need of getting smacked off her gob, but I’m attempting to keep this on atheist issues.)

My issue with this is the same as my issues so far with Steven and that crazy lady, Maria. Think what you want. Believe what you want. I don’t care about that. But if you are going to think such a thing and if you’re going to attempt to affect others’ lives with those beliefs, you have got to have evidence.

Much of what Wendy says is logical fallacy. I don’t remember which 1. Essentially she says that since we are all genetic individuals and since we don’t have all gaps filled in the data, the answer must be God.

Enjoy the above video. It’s 1 of about 7.

One Response to “Change of pace”

  1. ianstrandberg Says:

    Logical fallacies include: moving goalpost, god of the gaps, false dichotomy and lying. There are probably more.

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