Another go with Steven!

But this stuff isn’t nearly as juicy as before. Sorry.

Hey Steven,

I’m back.

>You are not seriously holding on to Greek mythology are you? I noticed you put the name zeus in one of your messages.

Of course not, but why do you read so baffled? How is Greek mythology any less valid than Christian? There’s not a shred of evidence for either. In fact, had you been born in Ancient Greece, I dare say you’d be a fervent proponent of the pantheon, not of the Nazarene.

>Are your parents Christians?

Yes and no. My dad is agnostic as far as I can tell. My mom was raised in the Episcopalian church, but now attends the Association of Unity churches, which, I’m sure you’ll agree, is hardly Christian.

Hold for the next one.

Hey Steven,

>Again, I say, I have to cut this short. For I must be going to get my bath now and wash away this filth from off me.

Hey now, that’s kinda mean! 🙂 You call the questioning of your faith “filth”? Why did this supposed god grant us with the ability to think critically if He didn’t actually want us to do so?

>I would like to ask another question though. Have you seen the background on my channel?


>I changed up my page a little from how it was. The youtube administator must have forced the new style on my page, so I tweeked it a bit. Check it out and tell me what you think.

Seemed okay. Didn’t make much of an impression one way or another on me.

>I also have some links typed into my channel description. There may be something helpful there for you too. God willing.

Well, I honestly don’t know how much of that I’ll check out. I’ve read Scripture, I’ve watched sermons. No one answers my questions. More Scripture and sermons most likely won’t.

>I will try to respond later.


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