After a hiatus

1 person pointed out to me recently that I’ve been absent here. I don’t have a great excuse. Just got distracted with other stuff. But there have been a couple of issues I’ve needed to tackle, so here I am.

The 1st is another round or so with our old friend, Steven.


“>>How is Greek mythology any less valid than Christian?

“>Jesus Christ is risen from the dead, He is Lord of all. Put the proof in your heart, and remove the heart of stone.

“You don’t know he was risen. In fact, you don’t even know that he existed. More to the point, Heracles threw himself on a funeral pyre and then rose to Mt. Olympus. Quetzalcoatl did a similar thing. Risen martyr myths are popular the world over. We recognize this in most cases. Yet you insist on believing in one that has no more validity to it than any other. Again, I ask you, what is your evidence for your belief? And Bible verses are not proof no more than Grimm fairy tales are proof of the existence of Red Riding Hood.

“More in a sec…”



“>Did you read the things written in my channel description? There is a brief introduction to understand the Bible. BTW
there is another testimony that God gives in His Word about when a person lacks wisdom that they can ask God for help with this. You mentioned some things about “no one answers my questions”, but have you asked God for the answers?

“Of course. Many times. And I’ve heard no voice in my head other than my own.

“More coming…”



“Last round (for now).

“>Okay, I understand. The devil often times will cause distractions to detour us away from understanding the Word of God.

“The devil?? Please don’t tell me that you honestly believe in the devil. I stopped believing in such ridiculousness when I was 7. It just doesn’t make sense. Why would an all-powerful God create a being that God knew one day would rebel against Him? Then, why would said God give said devil a kingdom over which to rule? Then why would God grant or allow said devil to have any powers of any kind over us?

“The devil distracts us?? How?? How could any being other than God do anything directly or indirectly to us? I mean, God is
all-powerful, right? Not the devil? And if so, how is the devil so powerful?

“Along with all the other things we’ve been discussing, what’s the evidence for the existence of a devil?

“By the way, I’m listening to the last sermon you suggested. So far, I’ve heard nothing new. Nor explanation.


Ug. I have another post coming soon, but have other things to do soo, so may not get to it immediately.

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