Back in the saddle!

A new, fun, nifty convo (as the kids these days say):

“Hey Pappiii,

“Good to hear from you.

“>I know that was bad.

“I appreciate your taking responsibility for your action. Most people wouldn’t. Good on ya.

“>I just looked at your comment and was like.. shut up. Why hate at what the guy does?

“I’ll tell you why.

“1. There’s not one shred of evidence that anything he says is true. Therefore…
“2. As a person in a leadership position, he’s effectively lying which we as people assume politicians do, but preachers still get this ridiculous grant of trust that they don’t deserve because
“3. With a preacher’s influence, if he says something with any moral or political weight to it, his preaching is likely, in an indirect way, to affect public policy, which
“4. Affects my life directly.

“And another person directed me to that video as answering my questions of God and the Bible. It didn’t. I felt compelled to say so.

“>I preach but I’m not gonna spend all day tryna explain why it’s important for you to get on God.

“Spending all day would of course be a mutual waste of time, but as I understand it, it is your job as an evangelical Christian to convince those who are not saved why they should be. I’d love to hear your $0.02.

“>You heard of God before and you don’t wanna be saved?

“I’ve also heard of Zeus, Thor, Osiris, and hundreds of others. Why should I believe your hogwash over anyone else’s? I don’t know what being “saved” means.

“>God is the puller.

“Then he either can’t or chooses not to pull me.

“>I don’t pull on you to get him if you don’t want him.

“Why would I want him?

“>If you’re scared of hell enough, and actually take in some action you are taking the first steps.

“I have no evidence that hell exists nor why I should be scared of it. I stopped believing in such superstitious nonsense when I was a kid.

“>It’s my freshman year in college and I ended up getting saved

“How? Why? What compelled you to do so? See, you’ve now (sort of) answered what you believe, but not why.

“>when I could’a been getting naughty with women.

“What’s wrong with doing that? It’s a biological imperative.

“>Let your yea’s be yea’s and vice-versa. That’s what I believe in.

“Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean by that.

“>(If you pick God you won.)

“How do you know?”

Here’s the message that started this all:

“Hey Ryan,

“I have to admit I was expecting a bit more than a simple imperative. I thought the whole mission of evangelicals was to save souls. Doesn’t that usually involve preaching the “word”? Essentially, all you’re doing is proving my assumption. When presented with a challenge, deists all react alike: this knee-jerk defensiveness. Their actions are of whiny children who don’t automatically get their way. Note that I’m not saying you are like this, merely that your action is.

“Please do me a huge favor and answer me the following. What do you believe and why? Please consider that though I am aware of what the possible answers to those questions are, I don’t honestly know.

“If you don’t answer, that’s fine. It’ll just prove my assumptions about you.

“P.S. I enjoyed the video. Too bad you wasted the lyrics on such ridiculous drivel.”

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