After almost a week off…

I’ve responded to Ryan’s latest. And Steven came back for more (in a future post)!

“Hey Ryan,

“Sorry for the delay. Was on vacation and with limited computer access.

“>Well I have dreams and they really do come true. And when they come true I say wow, I remember seeing this in my dream.

“I’d love to know more about this. If what you claim is true, that’s an extraordinary ability. One which would be very intriguing to see proved.

“>Do you know how we got here?

“Not 100% of course not, but neither do you. The most reliable theory I’ve heard to date is the Big Bang theory. But I’ve heard recent rumors that some scientists don’t buy it. I don’t actually care that much. The fact is we’re here, no matter how we got here.

“>There is no other evidence. We only have God to look at.

“First of all this simply isn’t true. Even a cursory glance at the evidence of archaeology, paleontology, astronomy, quantum mechanics, and any other number of fields gives a clear direction of the most likely of what happened.

“Second, there are two issues. One is, you’re making a logical leap. Basically what you’re saying is that which is unknown to us must be God. But that’s never been true. At one time, we didn’t know what stars were. People said those were gods. We later determined that they were combusting balls of gas. So simply to fill the gap of knowledge with “it must be God” is a fallacy in the least.

“The other issue here is what exactly do you mean by “god” and which one? How can you know that your conception of a god is the so-called correct one? We in the western world are used to the common, modern definition of the Judeo-Christian god, but this is not the only conception.

“And more specifically, when prompted by what exactly god is, no one has ever been able to give me a straight answer. Some say he’s “love” which makes no sense as love is nothing more than a chemical reaction in our brains. This has been well-documented. Others say god is “energy.” If that’s the case, then they and I believe the same thing. To some degree. Still others claim that god is a conscious, creative, active entity who takes an active role in our lives. The point being that no one even agrees on any of this. Therefore, how can I be sure of any of it, especially when people like you insist on what you claim to believe.

“>We can study the smallest things our tools can pick up and say these small things make us up.

“I assume you’re referring to atoms, quarks, and molecules.

“>But what makes these small things or calls them into existence as how we are in existence.

“I don’t know, but as I said earlier, neither do you.

“>And if you get caught up in that difficult wording say it to yourself over and over and over again until it makes sense so I can see some intellect here.

“What are you asking me to do??

“>So I can see that you have digested all that I have said. Isn’t this life a mystery. We all don’t know why we came here.

“True! But unlike you, I don’t claim to have any answer that requires belief in made-up bullshit.

“>Look at what we do now that we are on this earth we wake up, think, do, walk, eat, and go to sleep. The bigger cycle is we get born, do all of this in between and die. I say, there is more to this.

“That’s an assumption. It’s one of the basic existential problems. You’re saying “I am aware of my existence and the tragedy of the end of my existence and I don’t like that so I’m making up a story that is more comforting.” I understand the desire for this comfort, but it ultimately seems tragic in itself. I’d much rather live my life with the urgency that it will end, rather than bet on the unprovable myth that it may not end.

“I get where you’re coming from. You’re afraid of death. That’s natural. If we weren’t, the species may not have survived. But being afraid of death and making up a fairy tale to comfort yourself are two very different things.

“>Look at your surroundings and look what your surrounded by. What is life. What are you? Don’t give me science be for real.

“I don’t know what you mean by “be for real.” Basically what you’re saying here is “stuff is pretty therefore there must be a god.” To that I say I find stuff pretty and that just means that I find it pretty.

“This is an argument I’ve had with many people. Some seem to believe that accepting the universe at its cold, meaningless value somehow demeans life. I find it the opposite. Knowing that the universe is inherently meaningless forces me to create my own meaning and NOT rely on a book of fairy tales or what some preacher might say. It is my job to find meaning in my life and do my best to fulfill whatever meaning I find.

“And the fact is that’s what we all do anyway. Just that you put a coat of made-up paint over it.

“Happy New Year!”

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