Some with Steven

As promised, here’s the latest.

“Hey Steven,

“Just got back from winter break. Here we go.

“>I have been given assurance by the Holy Spirit of God that Jesus Christ lives. He is risen!

“Okay. Let’s start over. Remember how I said that I don’t know what you’re talking about? I still don’t. Yes, I’m fleetingly aware of some of the concepts of which you’ve spoken, but essentially, all I’ve truly heard from you is some version of the following:

“‘It’s true because it is.’ To which I’ve asked, ‘But how do you know?’ To which you’ve pretty much said, ‘Because I know.’ To which I’ve responded that you could apply that to absolutely anything and therefore why not follow any faith or just make one up?

“But as I said, let’s start over. What exactly do you mean by ‘Holy Spirit’? I honestly don’t get this. In any churches to which I’ve belonged, this was never a central concept, so I really don’t get what it is or what its significance is.

“So the Holy Spirit of God told you that Jesus is alive? Did the HS call you up? Did it send you a letter? How exactly did the HS transmit this information to you? Or is this just a lame, vague pleasantry and what you really mean is that you read one or several passages in the Bible that said something about Jesus?

“And beyond what the Gospels say, how do you know that he’s risen? I hope you don’t just believe the words on those pages as the only proof (and if you do, do you believe everything you read??). If so, you’d make a lousy juror. All the defendant would have to say is “I didn’t do it.” And you’d believe him.

“More coming.”

Ug. More here:


“>Well you offer tangible proof of the workings of the devil.

“What?? You’re comparing what I’ve said to the activities of whom you believe to be the utmost evil?? What did I say to deserve that??

“Why did God create me with the ability to question and reason if he didn’t want me to do it?? It doesn’t make sense! Seems like all He wants is braindead automotons to worship Him, never question, and follow a bunch of arbitrary, morally reprehensible rules. But most of all, NEVER QUESTION. But then if that’s so important, why not make it a commandment?

“‘#1 Above all, NEVER QUESTION ME’

“See? Easy. If I can do it, so can He.

“And what the hell do you mean by ‘tangible’ proof? Because I disagree and dare to question your insanity, that automatically qualifies as the ‘workings of the devil’?

“What else do you use your blind faith to justify? What other bigotry have you adopted? Do you stone kids who talk back to you? Do you stone homosexuals for being who they are? What about Wiccans? Do you kill them because you’re not allowed to let them live? Do you hate Harry Potter? Do you wear clothing of more than one type of cloth?

“If I’m tangible proof of the workings of the devil, Armageddon will be a walk in the park.”

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