The Levite Line

Find them here. What a bunch of nutty dipshits. Following is my message to them:

“Dear Richard,

“Since you felt compelled to put your brochure on my car, I feel equally compelled to share my thoughts on your brochure and
corresponding site.

“What a fantastic pile of bullshit. The funny thing is, I don’t know which is the bigger pile of bullshit. Is it your mission of reuniting the supposed tribes of Israel? Is it the fact that you not only take the Pentateuch seriously, but also the Volume of Hogwash, Book of Mormon? Or is it that you honestly expect to rival an organization like the Roman Catholic Church by soliciting on-line donations and selling t-shirts?

“I suppose yours is a better waste of time than strapping yourself up with bombs and blowing up buildings and people, but your vision of the future world is just as frightening.

“You have not one shred of evidence for your claims. You have no logical rationality behind your goals. You might as well solicit funds to bring the return of the Flying Spaghetti Monster or the Leprechaun King.

“May your efforts fail gloriously,”

2 Responses to “The Levite Line”

  1. Cynthia Says:

    This whack job is nuts. His comments on his blogs/social netowrking sites blows my mind. He should be treated for what he is: Bat-shit crazy wierdo who is here to soley make us laugh and entertain us.

    • It’s been a very long time since that post, but yes, “whack job” was the impression I’d gotten from him. I liked too that he assumed I was Catholic.

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