After another hiatus


“>You can always find an arguement for every case.

“Not cases with verifiable evidence. And if what you say is true, then no case is valid. And if that’s true, why not believe anything about anything?

“>It is just always gonna go back and forth.

“Not if one side has evidence.

“>I already know that God exists, this is why all the sins we do are wrong.

“How do you know God exists? What is sin and how do you know it’s wrong? See, everything you’re saying is nothing more than assumption.

“I know Zeus exists. I just got home out of the rain. Zeus is the god of thunder. There are thunder and rain, therefore Zeus must exist. Prove that he doesn’t.

“> Whatever is God’s rule, we should follow it.

“How do you know what His rules are?

“>It is whatever he wants.

“What does he want and how do you know?

“>We serve it to him.

“How do you know?

“>Read your bible and let the words float in your head.

“I have. The bible is not evidence. It’s something written. Here:

‘”I know everything.”‘

“See? It’s written, therefore it must be true.

“>Let God retrain every portion of you that you don’t want to conform to.

“Let him? How can I stop an omnipotent being from doing anything? Is God omnipotent or not?

“> Actually believe every word and even if you feel like it’s you fighting it, it’s not you, the devil is mainipulating your mind.

“How do you know? And how do you know that this devil exists? I know for a fact that the Jews don’t believe in a devil. Why are you right and they’re wrong? The Hindus believe in multiple gods. How are you right and they’re wrong?

“>Don’t fight my words.

“I’m not. I simply see no reason to believe them.

“>It’s only for your own benefit.

“I have no reason to believe that.

“>Life becomes more important when you have God.

“How so and how do you know?

“>Just always believe it for now and the truth will come to you later.

“Wait, I’m supposed to believe for no reason and later it’ll be proved? That makes no sense. Why don’t you do that with the Egyptian sun god, Amen-Ra? Believe that Amen-Ra is real and he will reveal himself to you.

“>Don’t quit.

“I never started, so can’t quit.”

One Response to “After another hiatus”

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