And now with a Muslim.

“Kashif said:

‘”Obviously if you are not familiar with something, how can you be privy to the evidence concerning it?”‘

“Because I don’t have to be an expert on Shakespeare to recognize his merit as an author. I do know that the Q’oran, as with other “holy” books, claims divinity as I’ve read passages which do and have met Muslims who echo this claim. As with any claim, this claim requires evidence to be verified. I have never heard a shred of evidence for this claim.

‘”Is it not reasonable to familiarize yourself with the text first and then make up your mind??”‘

“I have.

‘”Why dismiss something without even knowing what it is?”‘

“This is ridiculous. I didn’t say “I have no clue what the Q’Oran is or what it’s about.” I said I wasn’t completely familiar with it. I’m also not completely familiar with the works of Mark Twain, yet I’ve read enough to form an opinion.

“I dismiss the Q’Oran because no claims to divinity have evidence.”

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