Yay! More from Pappiii (or whatever)

I’m sick of putting things in “”. Assumg the below is quoted.

Hey hombre,

>so ur just looking for every assumption and focusing on a rebuttal?

No, no, no. What I’m saying is that many of your statements are nothing more than assumption. They’re no more valid, on their own merit, than any other assumption.

>This is not writing class or something, this is real life. “You never said it was writing class.” It is not that type of discussion.

Never said it was writing class. But when you say things like “I know God exists”, that begs the question, “How?” and when you can’t answer that, it shows me that I have no reason to believe you. As I said, it’s just as likely that Odin or Popokotepatl exist.

By your own assertion: This is real life. If I’m going to make a real life decision like devote my life to a god, I want to know that I’m devoting it to the right god. If what you and other Christians say is true, my eternal soul is at stake (whatever that means), therefore I want to know exactly why I should believe any of this. If there’s no reason, then why not believe anything about anything?

>I’m not gonna be able to prove it to you but God will be able to show you if you are willing to believe.

That’s ridiculous. I have to believe first, then he’ll show me? If this god is so powerful, why can’t it just appear before me? Since it never has, I have to assume it’s either because it can’t or it won’t. In either case, I have no more reason to believe in it than the Easter Bunny.

And the fact is I am willing to believe, provided there’s evidence. And why shouldn’t there be? For trivial things like the composition of the solar system we all require evidence. This is “real life” as you say. If the stakes are so high, I need to know I’m doing the right thing.

>If you want to believe your right I cannot force you to believe. But I’ll tell you, I know because of personal experience to where if somebody where to tell me it’s a fact that he doesn’t exist because of this, I’d be able to say, there is something that is not as solid as that person thinks because I know that this happened to me.

I’m not sure what you mean here, but I see the “I know because of personal experience.” Cool. What was this personal experience that was so life-alteringly profound that you knew beyond the shadow of a doubt, that god exists?

>I felt God touch me,


>I get sensations that are unexplainable when I pray,

Just because you can’t explain them doesn’t mean they come from a god. I get inexplicable sensations when my girlfriend runs her fingers through my hair. Doesn’t mean she’s a god.

The most likely explanation is stimulation to your pleasure center. I’d also suggest there’s a bit of confirmation bias. You want there to be a supernatural experience, therefore anything that isn’t immediately explicable you consider supernatural.

>and when I listen to people like you I just want to let them know the truth

What’s the “truth”?

>so they can realize it themselves, and tell all their friends about God.

I’d be happy to. Once I see any reason at all.

>Friends that always wanted to be in the faith but didn’t have enough courage because they feel that taking such a stand would have them be made fun of or not cool, unliked.

I have no problem with feeling “uncool.” I think it takes no courage at all to join the raving ranks of the majority in this country. On the other hand, I’ve been advised to not mention my atheism in the workplace.

>That’s why I said it is important to rebel because the whole world operates differently.

I don’t know what you mean by “rebel” or the world operating differently.

>Rebel against trends that you find weird at first then get stuck in. Stuff like that. You have “christians” that say they love God but will not give up their life for him as the bible says.

I don’t know the context here. You mean people should not wear clothes of different fibers? Or do you mean that people shouldn’t beat their slaves so hard that the slaves die in the same day?

>I believe that this life here isn’t worth much except to do God’s will and then get real life outside of this.

I don’t understand why that seems valuable to you. I also don’t understand what you mean by “real life outside of this.”

>The many people that do believe this life is worth something and try and find worth, put emphasis on certain things and attach their emotions with a certain thing so that it is a really big deal. There are people that try and live up the life they have and I can see these people try and get every drug sensation, get every girl, and suddenly they are not happy.

I’m not sure what you’re saying. It seems like you’re saying people who do drugs aren’t truly happy. I think that’s impossible to quantify. I know some people who do drugs who are very happy. I know others who don’t who aren’t happy. Correlation doesn’t equal causation.

>I just put it on God. He’s who I please in this world. I assume there’s a God. No I know. Deja vu maybe is not the right word then. I thought it was when you see the future in your dreams.

Again, I’d love to experience some evidence of your prophetic abilities. But even that wouldn’t convince me there’s a god. That would only convince me that you have a strange experience. How that equals god, I don’t get.

>I found it weird when you said it doesn’t happen to you.

Seeing the future in dreams? No. Doesn’t happen.

>But I am not gonna lie to you in this conversation, so that I have an ethos. Because this is what you treat it as a text book arguement. It really isn’t an arguement.

No, it’s not an argument. I just wanna know what you believe and why. And so far it seems like you’ve had some odd dreaming experience and feel good when you pray. How that convinced you to devote your life to the Invisible Sky Man, I don’t understand.

>It sounds to me like somebody denying God.

“Denying” god suggests there’s a god to deny. I say prove that there is a god and then I’ll think about denying him or not.

>If you want to know if I’m right or wrong you give God a try.

I have.

>Read the bible.

I have.

>It tells you things you won’t get.

Such as?

>And you find out the more you know about God the more you realize you do not know.

That can happen without a god belief.

>Rebel against every thought that says he doesn’t exist.


>Everything you read you can either harden your heart and not believe or soften your heart and believe. What do you think?

I still don’t see why I should believe. You guys say “soften your heart” a lot. What does that have to do with anything? I mean, do you soften your heart toward Vishnu? Why do you have a hard heart towards Thor? Maybe if you accepted the Flying Spaghetti Monster into your life, you’d be much happier.

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