This asshole threw down, so I responded in kind.

(I knew this would end eventually. Hee hee.)

Hey, you probably won’t read this, but I’m posting elsewhere, so I’ll go ahead.

>Oh Kay… I did all that I could. You’re not convinced.

All that you could?? Seriously?? The two pieces of information, two, that you gave me were that 1 you saw a hotel in a dream before you saw it in life and 2 you get “sensations” when you pray.

That’s it.

According to you I’m supposed to devote my life to a god for which there is no other evidence than sensations and a supposed prescience. And you dropped the same bs scare tactic of a hell for which there is also not a shred of evidence.

Honestly, if I came to you and said, follow Lokie, the Scandinavian god of tricks because when I pray to him I feel sensations when no one else is in the room and, AND, I saw this hotel in a dream before I saw it in reality, would you automatically assume that there’s also a Valhalla? Would you assume that my experiences mean that Lokie exists? Would you assume that the sagas of Norse mythology were literal, inerrant truth? Or, would you more likely want some evidence of my claims? If you’re to be intellectually honest, you’d want more than what I just hypotthetically offered.

And yet you say you’re done??

This is why I have no patience for the religious. My questions are honest. They may be difficult or irritating, but they’re honest. If I’m to devote my entire life to a belief system, I want to know that it’s the right one. What if you’re wrong and the Mormons are right? What if you’re wrong and the ancient Chinese are right? Then we’re screwed.

I can’t verify your “sensations.” I can’t verify your prescience. No more than I can verify the existence of leprechauns. Therefore, why should I believe your claptrap and not the ancient Irish? There’s an equal amount of evidence for both!

>What the heck? You called me a liar.

I NEVER said you were a liar. Learn to frickin’ read.

>”Life-experiences are not the truth?”

It entirely depends! The founders of the Mormon church swore that they had all touched the golden tablets left by the angel Moroni. Were they all liars? Muslims swear that Mohammed ascended straight into heaven. Are they liars? Just because someone said something happened doesn’t mean it actually happened that way. Even if that person believes it. Belief does not equal evidence. Experience does not equal evidence.

>I like talking to people that listen, but you don’t listen.

Just because I don’t automatically assume your drivel is verifiable evidence and don’t automatically believe your every word doesn’t mean I’m not listening. Because I can name the “evidence” that you proposed proves that I have been listening.

>I’m definitely throwing pearls to a pig right now. I would hate to call you a pig.

Pearls?? You have no evidence at all beyond the supposed sensations and a hotel! And after I asked you numerous times why you don’t believe other people’s myths, you’ve had no answers! Know why? Because you have no reason! Because your made-up bs is no more valid than anyone else’s. The cold hard fact of the matter is you know that, but rather than admit it, you’ve reduced yourself to ad hominem attacks and quitting. The same as everyone else.

> I just wanna tell you I am not gonna comment ever again. You got questions ask somebody else. Alright?

You’re all the same. I ask my honest questions and when I don’t automatically believe you, you get pissy, childish, and run away. If your “truth” is so strong, why can’t it hold up to my measly questions? If it all makes so much sense, why is it so hard for you to communicate? If this god is so powerful, why can’t he just tell us what he wants without the need for so much interpretation?

>God is not a spaghetti monster.

You’re right. I can prove the existence of spaghetti.

>That is ridiculous, wow.

The likelihood of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is just as much as a god. The Flying Spaghetti Monster even has a gospel. If you don’t believe me, just look it up on amazon.

>Learn to make an arguement without offending or just denying all claims.

Your offense is your problem. The only claims I deny are the ones without evidence.

>It isn’t even a conversation where we respect opinions.

Your opinion’s based on 4,000 year old Middle-Eastern nomadic tribal superstition! Of course I don’t respect it! I respect your right to adhere to it, but don’t understand it.

>I am going to “cop-out” and keep on living for God.

Your life to waste, man. Not mine.

>I hate these dragged out conversations. I’m gonna keep my belief. I answered your question and that’s why I believe in God. No making this up.

Still not a shred of evidence and not one explanation as to why any other faith is wrong.

Fact is you believe it because you want to. But I’m not ever going to waste my life on something that has no evidence at all for it’s ridiculous, insane claims or promises that it can’t possibly prove. If living a lie is good enough for you, more power to you, just do us all a favor and don’t vote.

As an afternote, what a fucking stupid tool!

3 Responses to “This asshole threw down, so I responded in kind.”

  1. Amen to most of your response, Anton.

  2. Im not sure how all this “blog” stuff works, if this even IS a blog BUT…
    I DO have answers for u about “God”
    Will I hear from u via email ?…or what ?

    • Anton A. Hill Says:

      Hi Lokie,

      Answers about God? Awesome! We can correspond however you like. Since you mention e-mail, I’ll write to you there. Please keep in mind my publication policy.



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