From a commenter on that song

…really? u come onto an obviously Christian song and then see fit to throw around insults. i mean what was were u trying to gain, what was ur purpose? i would hope that ur not doing it just for the sake of doing it.

And my reply:

Someone gave me the link as “evidence.” You have a public comments section on a public forum.

I acknowledged the artist’s talent. It’s a shame he’s put it to such silly use. Why not rap about something real (and verifiable) like class struggle or political strife?

Your beliefs are unverifiable and no more valid than belief in leprechauns.

I hope to gain an understanding of specifically what you believe and why. If it is “true” and there is “proof”, that should be easy to provide.

And now:

Of course what I don’t mention is that I also did it because I’m an atheist asshole. But if I were to, that woudn’t be very asshole-ish of me, now would it?

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