Just keeps going.

Hey there,

>you are the one wasting your life.

I didn’t mean you’re a bad person. I think you can agree that if I were to devote my life to the glorification of the Easter Bunny, that would be a waste of time, right? Well, since I see no more evidence for a god than the Easter Bunny, it seems to me just as much a waste of time.

>maybe when you feel a big enough void inside of you, you will seek God to fill it.

You’re assuming again. I feel no “void.” I hear this argument a lot from the religious. Y’all claim that we’re missing something or we’re suffering or something like that. Maybe some of us are. Maybe even a lot. But that’s part of being human.

Are you free of sadness, disappointment, anger, or guilt? if so, then cool, you’ve surpassed human emotional experience, but there’s no evidence that that has anything to do with a god even if it’s true.

>or maybe if you are stubborn enough you’ll fail to do so.

How is questioning stubborn?? Were people who believed the Earth to be flat merely stubborn? Maybe some, but not when faced with overwhelming evidence that the planet was round. Do I believe in black holes? I think they’re possible from the theories I’ve heard, but since I’ve heard nor seen any concrete evidence, no, I don’t believe in them. Does that make me stubborn in regards to black hole belief?

>you said my life experiences didn’t account for anything. that seems like ur saying i’m a liar.

No, I said they don’t equal evidence. And they don’t. Neither do mine. Think about my Loki thing. If I run up to you and tell you that I’ve felt the presence of Loki, the Scandinavian trickster god, he’s revealed Valhalla to me, and I know this is true because I get sensations when I pray to him even when no one’s around, would you automatically assume that Loki and Valhalla were real?

>if you read the comments as a whole and not just sentence by sentence you’ll understand what I say.

Yes. I have. And still your only evidences are “sensations” and supposed prescience. That’s it.

>but yeah i’m not gonna read everything you’ve written. just to let you know.

That’s certainly your right.

> keep it brief and to the point. there’s just to many points to write about at once. i’m a college student i have homework that takes less time to do.

Okay. Fair enough.

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