Ryan can’t get enough!

Hey Ryan,

Onward and upward…

>Let’s see who’s really living a bad life, or sucky even. Is the life where a person is broken inside and acts like they are fine and everything is good on the outside, is that good life? Does this describe you.

No. Again, you’re making baseless assumptions. Just because your faith tells you that without it, you’re broken inside does not mean it’s true.

>I’ve been doing another way of living for 4 months and I feel better than I’ve ever did.

Good for you. That doesn’t equal a god or Christianity being true. People who join cults or AA report the same kinds of experiences. Same with people who read The Secret. Your pleasure center has been stimulated. Big deal.

>Every life problem that deals with growth and fearlessness I can find in the bible.

Such as? In addition, the same could be applied to every other faith and to no faith. Therefore, what makes your version any more valid than the others?

>It really made me a better person because the book is better than a philosophy book.

You’ll have to explain that.

>It says how God made us to operate.

How so and how do you know that’s true?

>If you feel a void that means you need something.

I don’t so I guess I don’t.

>And that something is God.

Another baseless assumption. Are you ever going to back up any of these claims? You’ve still given not a shred of evidence that any of this is true. Specifically not a shred of independently verifiable evidence.

>PS: this God is not like the easter bunny.

Prove it.

>Christianity is not that riduculous.

Believing that there’s a god, that he sent an incarnation of himself to die for something the god invented, then rose itself from the dead and all the rest is laughably ridiculous. Judaism and Islam are just as ridiculous, but that doesn’t change the fact that Christianity makes claims it cannot substantiate.

>most people i talk to take your view. if you need change in your life in any way, experience God.

I don’t so I guess there’s no need.

>God is here for you personally.

How do you know?

>you will never find a love as good as his.

How do you know?

>he makes you strong and as he is.

How do you know I also get to be omnipotent?

>those who have ears let them hear.

I don’t know what you mean by this.

You still haven’t told me why you don’t believe in Loki and Valhalla.

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