The kids just can’t put it down!

“since when has common courtesy been considered nonsense. even atheists who are supposedly such superior thinkers see the need for it. i always found it interesting how u keep saying “superstitious this” or “unverifiable that”. atheism is by far the most irrational of any world belief. there is NOTHING in existence that supports atheistic views. whether it b the big bang or evolution. and for the record im not even a Christian even though i respect Christian beliefs more than i could ever atheism”


I didn’t say common courtesy is nonsense. I said it is not my obligation to grant courtesy to made-up nonsense. I also said that it is my obligation to respect one’s right to believe nonsense.

Atheism is merely the lack of theism, which makes the unsubstantiated claim as to the existence of a god. He who makes the claim must support said claim with evidence.

There isn’t enough room to address Big Bang or evolution. Feel free to write me privately.

Why do you respect Christianity?

“Ps. Santa Claus is what is left of the real person Saint Nicholas who did in fact give presents to people. Saint nichols was real, Santa Claus is not. Ther is no easter bunny it was simply invented as a belief for children. Easter is the Ressurection of Christ. Lol a spaghetti monster? haha never heard that one b4.”


What evidence is there that Saint Nicholas existed or gave presents to people? How do you know Santa Claus isn’t real? How do you know the Easter Bunny was invented?

Easter was originally a pagan holiday taken over by the Church and presented as the day of Jesus’ resurrection (for which there’s no evidence).

Yes, the Flying Spaghetti Monster created everything. Google it.

This next one really goes downhill.

“there was a time when i wasn’t sure if God existed or not but existentialism makes no sense…y go through ur entire life believing nothing…who cares about santa, n the flying spaghetti monster (lol) if u believe that stuff that’s your belief…i believe in God cuz he trumps all that stuff…santa can never say he created the universe but God says he did…so im saying…you never tried God for urself…u just repeat stuff i’ve heard before…PS-God is real cuz atoms are.”


How does god trump all that stuff? So what if god says he created the universe? That proves nothing.

I have tried god. I was raised Episcopalian and then in the Association of Unity Churches.

“God is real cuz atoms are” is a non sequitur.

Not as bad:

“See, there’s this thing called “Secular Humanism”, it says man is the source of all meaning and all purposing. You know what i’m saying? We’re just the result of a big cosmic explosion. We don’t really have a purpose or meaning, so we just come up with our own purpose. We’re the source of our meaning and our purpose. How can a man, which is the product of chance, a finite being be the source of purpose and meaning? You can’t! You’re created with purpose man!”


“Meaning” is an invented construct. It’s a product of the burgeoning middle class of the late Middle Ages (don’t recall exact dates). People who struggle to survive don’t worry about meaning.

“Purpose” and “meaning” are baseless assumptions. Our “creation” is also a baseless assumption.

This is fucking ridiculous:

“The athiest said, “wow! this is beautiful! Who made it?!” The scientist replied “no one, It just made itself, popped out of nowhere”. The athiest stared in amazemnt at the scientists and said “that is not possible! someone had to have made it!” He got a blank look in his face and realized that it was the same scenerio with our universe. Every creation has a creator. God is the alpha and the omega, has alwaysbeen and always will be”


That’s a ridiculous story. A detailed, scale model of the known universe? I won’t dignify that with a response except to say it is a baseless assumption that the universe is a creation.

You have no evidence that god is the beginning and the end or whatever that trite metaphor is supposed to imply.

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