The Levite Line douchebag

got back to me. Heh.


Good to hear from you.

> It was quite a unique and interesting response that I received from you. > I am torn over how best to respond. Part of me is understanding and > compassionate that you see only your Catholic faith as worthy of respect. > Meanwhile you not so subtly dismiss three other faiths. However I know > that Catholicism is about as false as any faith could possibly be.

I never said I was Catholic. I dismiss all faiths.

> In your note the usual projection begins nearly immediately. You say > “what a fantastic pile of bullshit.” Knowing as I do that Catholicism and > Christianity take pagan holidays give them new names (i.e. Christmas & > Easter). Then you claim that pagan holidays represent the birth and death > of a Jew, Jesus. Clearly bullshit is what you folks revere and call > truth. Hence I know both from experience and history to expect you and > your kind to in turn call truth, bull-shit. You do not disappoint in this > regard. I remain thankful to clearly see through this 180° inversion of > truth that you heathens are truly expert at.

Like I said, I never said I was Catholic. Given that, I absolutely agree with your above paragraph.

> Then you dismiss my “mission of reuniting the supposed tribes of Israel.” > Since they did not fall off the end of the earth, though the Roman > Catholic Church was there to persecute Galileo to prevent him from > expressing this fact of the earth’s roundness. Since I know, and suspect > you also know, that these tribes exist and are generally under the spell > of Christianity/paganism, I will do all I can to expose any and every > detail of the warped and inverted message of Christianity. Feel free to > call me all your little names and labels, they will have no impact. I > take it from whence it comes. As you have already seen from my handout > and my website, I do not pull any punches. Because unlike you bastards > I’m not really into pointing out others faults and fallacies, as if I am > perfect. However when the faults are so glaring and have had and continue > to have so much influence on and in this world, I will expose them. I > will also do so in the nastiest way possible. No. 1- Because in dealing > with enough of you heathen that is the language you understand best. No. > 2- Because you folks should be fixing your own flaws and not have to > depend upon myself or others to point out such obvious flaws.

There is no evidence that there were tribes of Israel, how many there were, nor anything else regarding them. I don’t know what you mean by “spell of Christianity/paganism.”

> Not only do I “take the Pentateuch seriously, but also the Volume of > Hogwash, Book of Mormon”. I guess I had not realized that the Pentateuch > was there for comic relief. That’s quite a revelation. I understand, as > a result of history and the failure of what I am intending to > re-establish, how you might feel this way. However, I think if one read > the Pentateuch without the pagan-Christian or the Jewish brain-washing one > could see the goodness and truth therein.

What possible “goodness” and “truth” lie in the Pentateuch? You’re for stoning children? Killing homosexuals and witches? Owning slaves and beating them? Slaughtering entire nations who are different from you?

The Book of Mormon is made up and therefore has no more basis in reality than Grimm’s fairy tales.

> However you heathen pretend to celebrate the birth and death/resurrection > of the King of the Jews/Israel with a pig as the main course.

No, actually, I don’t.

> That
> mockery parallels the centerpiece idol of your idol-worshipping pig-eating > church.

Like I said, I never said I was Catholic.

> This idol which shows Jesus, at his worst moment, for you heathen > to celebrate Satan’s fleeting victory over God. However God will > ultimately be victorious, as I suspect you also know.

You have no evidence of a Satan, nor of God’s supposed victory. And seriously, if God is omnipotent, how could there be a “victory”? That supposes that there would be a struggle. Why would an omnipotent god struggle? Is God all-powerful or not?

> As far as hogwash that sounds a lot like what you pig-eating pagans must > bathe in.

Now your attacking my bathing habits? Why is it delusional religious always resort to ad hominem attacks?

> As far as the Book of Mormon, I just hope you’re not another > one of the brain-washed ignoramuses telling me that the Book of Mormon is > hogwash when you have not even read it yourself.

I have read it. It has no more evidence to support it than Scandinavian sagas.

> At least it took you a second paragraph to dismiss, as only the white, > blue-eyed devil pagans and those under their master race spell can; > another whole faith of over one billion people.

An appeal to popularity?? That’s the best you can do? Just because a lot of people believe something doesn’t mean it’s true. Millions of people believed the earth was flat, but, by your own reference, we know that isn’t true.

> Islam being a faith I
> have many, many times more respect for than the child-molesting, > idol-worshipping, pig-eating pagan faith known as Roman Catholicism and > their Protestant cousins.

I’m not one to defend the Catholics, but at least they don’t fly planes into buiildings.

> How the Hell is my “vision of the future world” “just as frightening” as > Muslim suicide bombers.

Because your beliefs are based on zero evidence just like the faiths you claim to be false.

> Oh I see, because not only will pagans like
> yourself end up in Hell (call it Heaven all you want in your usual > inversion of the truth) but that you and your kind will begin to > experience Hell on earth.

You have no evidence for the existence of Hell.

> Especially if God continues to answer my
> prayers of seeing your pagan culture and world collapse on your bastard > heads with you surviving to live your bastard lives out in pain with > continual plagues raining down on you and then end up in Hell anyway.

How has God answered your prayers?

> Yeah, I’d be scared if I were you too. I guess it’s all pretty hopeless, > especially when you’ve already got all the answers right there in your > Bible.

It’s not my Bible.

> Except since you’ve completely inverted the Biblical message of a > good and just God for an evil God (Satan), that Bible becomes useless in > your hands.

Finally we agree. The Bible is useless.

> Don’t lose hope because with you and your masses, Satan’s
> plans and plots will succeed, at least ‘til the end. Mazel tov > (congratulations).

There’s no evidence of a Satan. How do you know his plans?

> P.S. Feel free to order some shirts or flags. Also you can start paying > your tithes to the work of God as opposed to where you are now paying, for > the work of Satan.

Are you serious?? You spent paragraph after paragraph insulting me and now you’re pitching your swag?? You might want to consult a marketing firm about changing your strategy.

Thanks for confirming your raving insanity for me, Richard. I’d expected as much, but it’s nice to have it clearly proven.

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