Steven returned!

I guess people just can’t get enough of the Atheist Asshole!

Hello to you too, Steve,

>Please note that His disciples asked questions…(vs.10)
He also gave an answer to them (vs.11-17)

If Jesus and God are all-powerful, there’s no necessity for parables. God can simply communicate in a way that will be universally understood. If God is omniscient, God already knows how to
communicate in such a way. Then again, if God is omniscient, He already knows who will and won’t understand.

>Also to answer your other questions:
The stoning is parabolic in the new covenant (i.e. New Testament).

It wasn’t in the Old Testament which was also the supposed infallible word of God. If you believe the Old Testament to be the inerrant word of God, you believe it was okay to stone children.

>When a person rejects Christ and remains under the judgement and wrath of God, they will be judged by the law which is designed to condemn (of the letter and not of the Spirit).

I don’t know what you mean by “of the letter not of the Spirit.”

>No person can be justified by the works of the law apart from faith. Faith is a gift of God and those who are regenerated are therefore taught and able to understand the spiritual truths which are hidden in the law of God(i.e. the Scriptures/the Bible).

That makes no sense. You have to have faith in order to understand the “spiritual truths”? But if faith is belief without evidence, one can be justified in believing in anything. Why not believe in leprechauns or banshees or invisible pink unicorns? Beyond that, I assume you are one of faith, therefore, what is the “spiritual truth” you’ve found in the Bible? And how do you konw that the truth you claim is the truth to be found? How do you verify it?

>So to answer your question, I do not literally “cast stones at kids”, but if they reject the Gospel, they have the Word of God that judges them, as well as any one who rejects the Word.

But if the Old Testament is the literal, inerrant word of God, you agree that it is okay to stone kids.

>Another thing, speaking out against sin, and sinful practices should not be deemed bigotry.

I looked this up recently. Bigotry simply refers to rejection of anything different from you. We are all bigots. I am a bigot against the KKK.

>And also, those who claim they are “homosexuals” are in bondage of sin as other people who practice sinful practices. Their only hope, as well as any sinner, is the saving power of Jesus Christ our Lord!

You don’t take the stoning of children as literal, why do you take the stoning of homosexuals as literal? Why does God care where people of the same gender put their genitalia?

>To speak about “wiccans”, witchcraft is of the devil and is sinful and Scripture speaks against such things.

How do you know there’s a devil? The Jews, who gave us the Old Testament, don’t believe in a devil. Why do you?

>They are already dead in their sins and trespasses as is taught in the Epistle to the Ephesians, because of sin and the consequences of sin.

Wiccans are dead, but other sinners are not? What’s the difference? And why does God care if Wiccans practice witchcraft?

>Eph 2:7 that in the ages to come He might show the exceeding riches of His grace in [His] kindness toward us in Christ Jesus.

So are Wiccans beyond saving or aren’t they? How does God set these standards? What is the difference between these sins? How do you know any of this to be true and know that other faiths are wrong?

>And yes I hate harry potter novels and those fanatical devilish leveragings which have been utilized to assist in the acceptance of the practice of magic and wizardry.

How do you know they’re “devilish”? How do you define “wizardry”?

>The subject regarding clothes and the mixing of materials is to be looked at spiritually now in the New Covenant of grace.

How do you know this? And does this mean that before this “new covenant” we were to take those laws as literal, inerrant truth, but now only figurative? Did God change His mind? If so, why?

>The practicing of this by the letter of the law was for the Old Testement Jews before Christ came.

Why and how do you know this?

>These cerimonial laws are now to be observed in Spirit and in truth. An article I read previosly can explain this further.

I’m not asking those articles, I’m asking you. You either know or you don’t.

>I hope and pray this helps.

You still haven’t answered the basics of how you know any of this to be true and how you know that you’re right and others are wrong. You’ve never given me evidence that I should believe this over any other faith or no faith. Yes, you can quote scripture, but so can Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, and Muslims. What makes your version true and theirs false?

5 Responses to “Steven returned!”

  1. I can not agree with you in 100% regarding some thoughts, but you’ve got an interesting point of view.

  2. I have recently been seeking all over for this content. Luckily my partner and i uncovered this at Google.

  3. I have faith in my personal leprechaun.

    My evidence jingles in my pocket.

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