I think Steven’s slowing down.

Hey Steven,

>How can you speak of “objective” when you are nothing but dust.

All that we know to be true about the universe is that which we’ve theorized, tested, and proved using objectively verified evidence. The cliched example is gravity. I drop a ball. It falls to the ground. But how am I to know that’s not just some odd fluke or miracle of nature? I do it again. And again. And again. Or to make sure I have no bias, I have someone else do it. And again. And again. After collecting a sufficient amount of data, I can conclude that if I am to drop a ball, it will always fall to the ground.

Religion, on the other hand, asks us to believe without proof. But why should we? Many religious assertions conflict with each other which begs a theory and objectively verifiable evidence. You claim Jesus was the son of God. So what? The Jews claim he wasn’t. How am I to know who’s right and who’s wrong? You quote Scripture. So what? So do they. How am I to know whose Scripture is correct?

“Objective” has nothing to do with dust. Please clarify.

>How could you judge God?

I judge the belief in a god for there is no objectively verifiable evidence to support such a belief.

One Response to “I think Steven’s slowing down.”

  1. Events that only happened once cannot be studied by science, according to your reasoning. Therefore, science is not a valid means of understanding the origin of the universe, the Earth, or life. There is no objective understanding of how existence, as a concept, came to exist.

    Though I believe that this post was written by an intelligent human, I cannot see that human, nor can I make the post repeat itself. I judge from the meaningful arrangement of the words that they were not formed by random chance. Am I wrong? Apparently, there is no objectively verifiable evidence to support a belief in you, either.

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