Sigh, even more from Ryan

Hey Ryan,

I’m not scoffing at the words.

>You should realize that there are claims similar to what you are saying in the bible, but they are all in the old testament.

And if God either wrote or inspired the Old Testament, that means that God thought it was okay to stone kids.

>When Jesus came back it wasn’t the village that disciplined you, only God can make judgement for your mistakes. He was the link between man and God. Jesus fulfilled God’s word just as the old testament prophesized.

You’ll have to explain that. Yes, I’m aware of the concept, but not the specifics.

>So that’s why it is important to follow Jesus.

It’s important to follow Jesus because there were supposed prophesies that were supposedly fulfilled? You are aware that the Bible has been translated over at least three language branches and at the whims of emperors and kings, right? You know it didn’t originate in modern, American English, right?

>And I doubt that is the real reason why you don’t believe in God.

That’s an easy one. I believe that there is no god for I see no reason to believe that there is one. I also feel that there is no reason to believe in leprechauns, fairies, Zeus, Loki, or invisible, pink unicorns.

>The reason why I used the bible is because it is God’s word, and not mine.

You have no evidence for that. Additionally, the Mormons, Hindus, Jews, and Muslims claim exactly the same thing. How are you right and all of them are wrong?

> Man doesn’t choose what to put in the bible. It is God inspired and by God that the book is here. He used earthly vessels to write holy things.

Ryan, I can’t believe you are naive enough to believe that man didn’t choose what is in the Bible. It is a well-documented fact that men chose the books of the Bible. Conferences were held to make such decisions. Ever heard of the Apocrypha? That’s more stuff that was not included in the Bible, but by some is considered holy.

There is no evidence that the Bible or any apocryphal books are God-inspired.

>I wish you could see. It’s not about knowing everything, it is about the perfect love that is given by God.

How do you know that there is perfect love given by God?

>The more you pray for understanding and read, you wouldn’t question him the way you do.

Again, this is a cop-out. If I were to pray (which I have, by the way) and tell you that I still don’t understand, all you have to say is that I’ve not prayed hard enough, sincerely enough, or something else. It’s a never-ending cycle. If I have any questions ever, you can just come back and say, “pray more.” Take responsibility for your beliefs and back them up with verifiable evidence. Otherwise, neither I nor anyone else has any reason to believe you over anyone else.

The fact is that if God is all-powerful, all-knowing, and all the rest, He was able to come up with a way to communicate what He wanted us to know without the need for a rewritten, revised, re-translated book with no observable, objectively verifiable evidence. The fact that He didn’t means either that He couldn’t or that He chose not to for some reason. If He couldn’t, that means He’s not omnipotent. If He chose not to, well, I have no answer for that.

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