Translation: not of air, earth, or water (in other words, Spirit, whatever the fuck that means). This is the name of the blog of a commenter who dropped by. I was curious so checked out his/her site.

Oh boy.

I’ll start with his/her post, then move on to the About page.

>Common Senseless

A cute title. Then he/she goes on about smoking and how it’s odd that even before we knew, conclusively that smoking is bad for us, we had an instinct that it was bad, but why did we do it then? A fair question, but just a preamble for the bullshit.

>God put that reflex in us to avoid getting smoke in the eyes and to avoid breathing it.

There is no evidence that an instinct is derived from a god. There is, however, plenty of evidence that instincts developed as
adaptations to dangers and possible dangers.

>Yet, people did it. Not just a freaky fringe of society did it, either. The general masses adopted the practice like a hot fad. This should have been the death knell for the term “common sense,” because there obviously isn’t any such thing. I have, for some time, felt inclined to resist the urge to ridicule people who smoke. After all, I know that they are addicted, and quitting the cancer stick is one of the hardest achievements a person can make. Even so, it was the fear of ridicule that drove them to it in the first place.

This is not theistically related, but demonstrates the writer’s reliance on assumption rather than evidence. “…Masses adopted the practice like a hot fad.” Really? According to whom? Yes, at its height, a majority of people smoked. The reasons for this, however, are many. It’s not like the equivalent to the pop star at the time did it and the very next day people rushed out to buy cigarettes and cigars. “Even so, it was the fear of ridicule that drove them to it in the first place.” That’s a drastic oversimplification. And it ignores the fact that there are degrees of smokers. Some smoke more than two packs of cigarettes a day. Some, like myself, have smoked hookah 3 times in their lives. That’s right. 3. Will I do it again? Maybe. But not doing it again clearly isn’t “one of the hardest achievements a person can make.”

>Do I blame the Nazi soldier who was just following orders? Perhaps, he was just a blind fool, doing his duty to his nation. His commander told him to gas the Jews, and his fellows did it, too, so he figured on doing it, himself. Yet, I do not doubt that the God-made conscience within him demanded that he stop. I am sure that he killed that messenger, committing the deed until his own personal objections were dispelled. In fact, I do blame the common man for every deed that he commits, for though he chooses to follow the herd, he is not without warning.

There is no evidence at all that what we commonly refer to as the “conscience” is God-made. The fact that we can’t exactly define “conscience” contributes to this fact.

>The sense of the common is ad populum. It is the fallacy that if everyone else seems to think so, then it must be true.

The fact that the writer is obviously aware of some logical fallacies baffles me as he/she uses some in hiw/her words.

>But let’s go back to that first draw on the cigarette. Before you conditioned yourself to accept the unacceptable, you were naturally inclined to accept the truth.

What a crock of shit! First, what the fuck does this person mean by “truth” and second, how the hell does he/she know this? It’s well-documented that, as children, we accept that which the authority figures in our lives tell us. This is predominantly parents, but it could be any authoritative institution.

>Smoking was wretched, and it felt awful. In the prime of your life, when you were just a little kid that hadn’t undergone the brainwashing influences of public education, you were more inclined to believe in God.

Such bullshit. I distinctly remember being in kindergarten and having a brief, underdeveloped theological debate with a fellow student. His assertion was that Jesus and God were the same entity. My assertion? That they were not. Know why we thought that?

Because that’s what our fucking parents told us!!

I had no more evidence for my claim than he had for his. We were parroting the received wisdom that had been dumped on us. And that was without benefit of this so-called “brainwashing influences of public education.” Now, don’t get me wrong. I think there are plenty of brainwashing and indoctrinating influences in public, private, and any other educational system (the Pledge of Allegiance for one), but religious or anti-religious indoctrination, at least in my case, was not 1 of them.

All inclinations are given to us. Period.

>Kids have an innate tendency to believe in the Almighty. It takes years of conditioning to beat this out of them.

How the fuck does this writer know this?? I’ll tell you. He/she doesn’t! Kids have an innate tendency to believe whatever the fuck you tell them to believe. It’s true, they are more apt to believe bullshit and are more apt to accept claims that have no basis in evidence, but that applies to everything. Thus fucking Santa Claus!

>Unless we become like little children, we cannot accept what once seemed natural to us.

Unless of course it fucking didn’t!

>Without simple faith that has no reliance on the common senselessness of the world we cannot enter Heaven, when the world is rushing in a stampede for Hell.

Right on! Back to the standard, raving insane delusions! There is NO evidence for Heaven and NO evidence for Hell, much less a “stampede” for it!

>Case in point, intelligent design of all living things is quite obvious. Isolated from the foolishness of popular culture, we would naturally see that, given that we understand the complexity of an organism, at least in part. If not for the sages and mad hordes around us telling us otherwise, we would naturally conclude that life has a design indicative of an intelligent designer. All of creation testifies to this.

Obviously a baseless assumption!! Complexity does not equal design does not equal a designer!

“Life” is not defined and is assumed!
“Design” is not defined and is assumed!
“Intelligent designer” is not defined and is assumed!

“All of creation testifies to this”?? What the FUCK does that even mean??!! What, because organisms are more complex than stacking Lincoln logs, they must be designed??

If this designer is so fucking intelligent, how the fuck did it FUCK UP so CATASTROPHICALLY???

>We take the first draw from the Darwinist cigarette, and we gag. Through repetition and a faith in the intelligence of our fellow humans we come to accept the unacceptable, until, eventually, we find that the lie has become a bare necessity of our existence. We feel that we cannot live without it.

Look, I don’t masturbate to pictures of Darwin or anything. The fact is, though, that the man found something and there have been mountains of evidence to back up his theory. I don’t personally give a fuck whether I’m in the primate family (I came from a monkey!) or not. I accept conclusions based on evidence. Do black holes exist? Maybe. Who the fuck cares?? I’m not gonna get my panties in a twist if they’re disproved tomorrow. Know why? Because I haven’t emotionally attached to a bullshit fairy tale that tells me, nay, insists to me that they’re real.

Design is bullshit because it makes assumptions based not on evidence, but on human arrogance. We want there to be a designer because that gives us meaning and purpose. If no designer, then why the fuck are we here? Because we are! Make your own meaning and stop fucking crying about it!

And to call it a lie is just juvenile. A lie?? Look, the fucking way science works is that a scientist proposes a theory and he or others then seek to disprove it! And you know what? It doesn’t fail because there’s always gonna be someone somewhere who wants to know and they will investigate and they will find evidence. Remember stars being pinpoints of light in the silver globe that surrounded the Earth? Yeah, a scientist thoght of that and then it was disproved. Was the combusting-balls-of-gas thing a vicious lie? Probably to the religious community at the time who had a vested interest in the pinhole bullshit. But then, surely enough, through kicking and screaming, everyone came to the fact-based conclusion that the pinholes were gas.

And now…


>A computer can think, and so can a brain. Both are physical, and both would sit idly if they had not been given purpose. The computer is given its purpose from the mind of a human, and the mind of the human is given its purpose by the spirit of that human. All life as we know it is also physical machinery, and every last living being is given its purpose by the Spirit of the living God, himself.

Ah yes. The old computer/brain thing. Yes, they are similar, but computers do not THINK. They process programs we give them in ways that we tell them. Even though they can dynamically generate some data, the order of magnitude between the independent calculations that a supercomputer can make and what a newborn’s brain is capable of is ridiculous. It’s like saying Hot Wheels cars and real cars are both cars.

The spirit of that human. Such rancid bullshit. No one even had the conception of “spirit” until someone made it up! And since that time, there has never been a shred of evidence as to its existence (whatever the fuck it’s supposed to be). In fact, we know, not think, but know that every person’s personality, creativity, every aspect which defines them as them is all in the brain. Period.

The Spirit of the living God. Baseless, bullshit, non-evidenced crap. What does “living God” even fucking mean?? Does that mean said god was born? Does it mean it could die? It’s just puerile crap.

>Besides, we are bored by the ordinary. Yet, even the ordinary has an extraordinary dimension. A simple tree is more sophisticated than the eye can see and more marvelous than the mind can contain. It’s no wonder that people are capable of making the gross underestimation that such a thing can come about by random chance.

Evolution is not random chance! It is survival of that which best survives. That which does not does what all things that can’t survive do. It dies.

>Here, we can see a bit of the nonaeroterraqueous, spelled out. The image of God is not found in the air, on the land or in the water.

It’s found in a very thick book of bullshit fairy tales!

>We are created in the image of God, whose image is nonaeroterraqueous. Therefore, we are nonaeroterraqueous.

And therefore it’s all baseless, assumed, unproven bullshit.

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