Further comments

I’d thought these threads had died, but they’ve resurrected.

You tried religion. Christianity is not a religion, it is a
relationship with our saviour. The sumple existance of an athiest proves god exists. Forgive me for mentioning this, but losing some long ago is no reason to believe there is no god. God is real Because you are.”


I have no reason to believe in a “savior.”

“God is real because you are.”

That’s like saying the Easter Bunny is real because I am. Ridiculous.

I don’t know what you mean by “losing some long ago…”

I believe that there is no god because I see no reason to believe that there is. Once I see a reason, I’ll happily convert.

Youre arguing with a brother in christ of a 17 year old cancer patient who defied all odds that were given to him by science and survived. 2/10 survive with the cancer he had, he was in that 80 percent side. He got cancer On christmas day 08, and exactly one year later Christmas Day 09, doctors declared him cancer free and they are baffled. True testimony”


Big deal. People survive cancer all the time. How do you explain the ones who don’t? God didn’t like them?

Seems pretty malicious and vicious to me that an all-powerful deity decides willy nilly who gets terrible diseases and who then survives them.

Ok so if the universe is not a creation, then enlighten me with what you think it is. 🙂 I for one will respect your beliefs But will not allow you to disrespect mine.”


I think the universe came to be however it came to be. I’ve heard evidence for the Big Bang, for our being in a singularity, for a multiverse. We don’t know. But science doesn’t claim to. It’s religion that does.

You will not allow me?? I think your beliefs are made-up, ridiculous, superstitious bullshit. I hold no respect for them whatsoever.

If You really don’t see any purpose or meaning in your life, why do you continue to get up in the morning and go do evidently “pointless” things because you know like you said purpose and meaning are baseless assumtions. You were created with meaning and purpose you just don’t know it yet :)”

I get up in the morning because I have things to do in the day. Purpose and meaning are social constructs with no intrinsic meaning. They have meaning, but only within the confines of our society. In a universal sense, they’re meaningless.

You have no evidence that I was “created” or that it was done so with “meaning” and “purpose.”

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