BETOSDGRBASS is back with a vengeance from Hell (Part III: the Return)

Away we go!

“I never said science will not be able to do anything. And yea you are right, being 100% devoted will not make us innvincible. The ones that died twas their time. The ones that lived have an unknown mission to complete. Forgive me for my offensive language, i got ahead of myself, sorry.”


You said, “Science doesn’t claim to have created the universe and it will NEVER be able to.” So, “will NEVER be able to” seems to me to counter your 1st sentence.

Claiming that someone has an “unknown mission” is ridiculous. There’s no reason to believe such a thing.

No problem on the language. 🙂

“Well sir, by what you say to her i convlude that you BELIEVE she can hear you. And my beliefs are actually quite verifiable, take the catholic church for instance, they removed books from the bible to hide their evil. If you’ve ever seen the History channel, you shouls have heard that science even now k ows that Jesus existed, why do you think tgey look for the Ark of Noah? Science trying to PROVE the Bible.”


Your conclusion is incorrect. Of course I don’t believe she can hear me. She’s dead.

It depends on what specific beliefs we’re discussing.

The Catholic Church removing books from the Bible proves nothing. “Evil” is made up.

I have seen the History Channel and have never seen a shred of evidence that Jesus existed. Science has never concluded such a thing.

People looking for the Ark of Noah proves only that they’re looking for it.

Science trying to prove the Bible doesn’t equal proof.

At least the poster apologized for the ad hominems!

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