Somebody called YouKnow…

Hi YouKnow,

>I actually only respect Christ,God(his word 2),and the Holy Ghost/Spirit(and actual people who use their brains and dont let others think 4 them),man i dont 2 an extent.

Why do you respect Christ, God, this word of his, and the Holy Ghost? What, by the way, do these things mean to you?

>I was a devout christian after coming 2 Christ when I was 18 after many failed attempts at suicide(i went thru sexual,physical and emotional abuse).I had never been raised in the church(my grandma took me for 4yrs prior 2 my salvation).

I’m sorry you felt suicidal, but what about that led you to believe your particular brand of made-up hogwash?

>I rarely go bcuz I see thru all the BS in the church as well as is evil,pure evil.

What does “evil” mean to you and how do you know that man is such?

>christianity just like man has destroyed and controlled and manipulated the world in so many ways.I feel like u somewhat and the writers of ecclessiates about the vanity of everything(im paraphrasing).Honestly i feel like man as a whole are stupid,little evil bastards trying 2 get over on(controlling)and killing others so they can profit more.

Certainly, man is subject to the same foibles as any species struggling to survive, but beyond that, I don’t know what as a species we’re stupid.

>I studied the Bible with all my heart until I realized the only things we can do is, fuck,fight,control others,be arrogant,destroy others 4 our selfish gain,pity ourselves,and die eventually(thank God)

What do you mean by you studied it with all your heart? Yes, I suppose many of those things are true, though you’re ignoring the great parts of humanity.

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