Things get nasty…

“Look Fucker, i did not disrespect or swear at you whatsoever. [information ommitted that can be found on 1 of my other sites.] I have no evidence you were created? Look back to where you came from; Science says you came from you mothers womb, created with sperm and egg. Thats how you came to be.”


I never swore. And I never disrespected you. I disrespected your beliefs. Yes, you have a clear handle on the human reproductive process. That has nothing to do with the “creation” people talk about when they refer to the universe.

“Why do you do those things everyday huh? They are pointless anyways. you’re going to die anyways just speed the process up. Science doesn’t claim to have created the universe and it will NEVER be able to. The people that died from cancer never looked for God untill they had a possibly terminal illness. Tell me what percent that died were devoted christians. Face it, our beliefs are just two different people telling the same story.”


My mundane activities may be intrinsically pointless, but I, like anyone else, create the point.

Saying science will never be able to do anything is ridiculous. It may not be able to, but it’s silly to make such declarative, obviously flawed statements.

I’ve known plenty of “devoted Christians” who died of cancer.

To claim that anyone who is devoted to a god will not die of a disease is absurd. And I think you know that.

“Wow, your calling my beliefs bullshit when you’re the dumbass that goes and talks to a dead woman who can’t even hear you bacause she’s dead! You’re pathetic! I just realized that you’re not even worth my time.”


You’re conflating unrelated issues. Your beliefs are unverifiable bullshit. My discussions with a dead woman don’t involve any unsubstantiated belief. I know she can’t hear me. That’s not the point. I talk to her remains as that’s the closest I can get to talking to her since that’s all that’s left of her. I’m not pretending to talk to someone I have no reason to believe is there.

What I love about the above is that the poster got instantly emotional when I said his/her beliefs were bs. Now, granted, no one wants to be told that, but it’s interesting how my calling his/her beliefs bs, which is not an ad hominem, then dissolved into an ad hominem against me. So much for Christian love.

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