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>u make some interesting points except the last part about what the bible says and kind of putting it down.

What was not a good point about my last part? What’s wrong with putting the Bible down? It’s a ridiculous pile of made up bullshit taken seriously by hundreds of millions of delusional people, many of whom have the right to vote and exercise that right with the influence of said made up bullshit.

>im not sure if the bible is fake or true

It’s fake.

>but i have mustard seed faith that i dont know everything and their might just be truth 2 the bible.

Why would you have such faith? There’s no evidence to support your sentiment. Why do you not have faith in the Q’oran or Grimm’s Fairy Tales?

>’what good is it to be the only 1 who knows it all if its all in ur head”TTime81

I’m not sure what you mean by this, but that which is in one’s head can easily be shared.

>*we must be opened minded and not close minded bcuz were bigshot know it alls leaving very lil room 4 growth as a people and as a whole

Open-minded does not mean believe everything without evidence or investigation.

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