YouKnow and I

are getting a little deeper. I wonder how far this’ll go.

Hey YouKnow,

>interesting.i do see the good in humanity but it has proven many times that its bad side will overshadow its good.

It’s all relative and we’re getting into hair-splitting semantics. I mean, what truly is good or bad? Plenty of things fit at least a little bit into both categories. I think very few things can be purely described by either term. In addition, it’s impossible to quantify “its bad side will overshadow its good.”

>paul himself stated that no good thing dwelleth in my flesh

So what? Paul thought he was bad? Big deal. That says nothing of humanity. And my understanding of the myths about Paul are that 1 he killed people and 2 this was somehow okay because he also converted people. To me, those two actions are not mutually exclusive.

>and the Bible states how the heart is deceitfully wicked

So what? The Bible also says it’s okay to stone kids, kill witches, and beat slaves. Just because it’s written doesn’t mean it’s true.

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