A new discussion (with KhanStodge)!

“Proof is everywhere my brother. I suggest Mathew 6 for readin:) all history baby. Peace”

A Bible passage proves no more than the Quran, the Book of Mormon, or Grimm’s Fairy Tales prove their claims. None of these is objectively verifiable history.

“Also want to give my testimony: Used to be heavy in drug takin and thugin my mouth and thoughts were full of nothing but lies and curses> one day opened the bible and now my life did a 360 like Shawn White on them snowboards.”

You used to take drugs and swear and now you don’t. That’s not evidence of a god any more than it’s evidence of leprechauns. People make changes in their lives all the time without the benefit of a god.

Beyond that, what specifically did the Bible say that made you stop taking drugs and swearing?

“Am tellin God is fishin for people to redeem and use. Its such a blessin and his Son is coming to heal our planet. And cant find a better reason to live for. For me its proof enough.”

If God is almighty, why doesn’t he just heal the planet himself right now?

Your reason to live is… someone’s healing the planet?

What’s the proof? And by what standard is it proof? I don’t get what you’re saying here.

Evidence is objectively and repeatedly verified without emotional appeal. Anything short of that is not evidence.

2 Responses to “A new discussion (with KhanStodge)!”

  1. Why do you continue on?

    Dissing leprechauns is not
    a good reason to live, either, imho.

    Fishing is another story altogether.
    I’ll hang with you on that limb.
    You see, I’ve got these wood-worms…
    or is this Wormwood? Ah, no matter.

    Symbolically illiterate, UT

  2. antonahill Says:

    Hey Uncle,

    Thanks for stopping by again. I keep dissing leprechauns because I love to say the word.



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