Kingdom Warriors’ bullshit

This loon was the 1 who sent me a friend invite on YouTube.  I’m finally getting around to his hogwash.  Unfortunately, there may not be a lot for me to say that I haven’t already said elsewhere or that someone else hasn’t said better.

But I’ll sure give ‘er a go!

The whole above video is about repentance being required for salvation blah blah blah etc.  It’s straight-forward preaching, baseless, unverifiable crap.  Here’s his site:

Kingdom Warriors dot com

I’ll let you look at his beliefs.  My commentary:

1. I won’t bother with the obvious except to ask what the fuck is the Holy Spirit??  I’ve never gotten a straight answer on this.  You and others claim this is really important, like a central tenant of your faith and yet not a 1 of you can fucking explain it!  What the fuck is the deal with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit??  Is God 1 guy or 3?  What’s the significance?  What’s the difference?  Does anybody have a fucking answer??

2. How can everyone be separate from an entity who’s omnipresent?  How can everyone have sinned against God and what exactly is a sin anyway??

3. We all deserve death and Hell just for existing??  What a load of crock!  How can anyone claim God to be omnibenevolent if He’s made this bs rule that just by being born you deserve to be tortured forever??

4. What’s the big fucking deal with crucifixion??  Not only was it a completely standard, run-of-the-mill punishment in Roman days, but given that it was a punishment devised and implemented by mortal man, a god or demigod would have no issue enduring it.  Thus, who fucking cares that Jesus died on the cross??  If it was to atone for all bad things humanity had ever done and would ever do, you’d think he would have had to endure a whole truck load more!  The wager of escaping eternal punishment by simply believing in someone is so fucking laughably preposterous.  If God is omnipotent, why doesn’t He just fucking forgive??  And what makes Him so righteous that He’s willing to send all of His creations to a place of eternal torment for something He knew they would do??

5. There is no fucking reason at all to believe that anyone in human history resurrected after being tortured to death.  None.

6. What the fuck is the point of confessing and repenting if God already knows whether we’re sincere??  And what the fuck does God care if we apologize for our wrongdoing??  Is He a cosmic schoolteacher??

7. Ug, the fucking baptism thing.  God is such a petty jerk that if you don’t take a Special Bath, nothing else you do to appease Him counts??  This asshole seems much more like a pissy toddler than a universal entity of infinite power.  God already knows if you’re faithful towards Him!!

8. What the fuck is Holy Spirit baptism??  And you have to believe in it in order to receive it??  What the fuck is the point of that??  By that logic, you can justify any belief in anything.  That’s it.  I’m fucking converting to Leprechaunism.

9. So I can kill 1,000 people in premeditated cold blood and all I have to do is beleive in Jesus and I go to Heaven.  Such a load of cop out crap.

10. Is faith enough or not??  Does that mean that every person who has ever done something not so keen has not been a true Christian because a true Christian would never do anything not so nice??  That’s a fucking load of people.

And now his about page:

1. I honestly don’t know what he’s saying here.  Metaphorically raise up Christians or literaly raise them from the dead?  If he meant metaphorically, why does he say as Jesus did?

2. I guess asking people to “do the Bible” is more, well, active than having them wait for an “arbitrary” feeling from God, but then aren’t all of these feelings arbitrary?

3. I know I must be reading this wrong.  This guy’s gonna train Christians in divine healing??  There’s no way that’s true.

4. What the fuck is a “lukewarm Christian”?  Aren’t you either Christian or you’re not??  Yeah, I know.  That’s not true.  Given how many times I’ve heard Christians claim that other Christians aren’t “real” Christians.  Makes me wonder how thins standard is judged and how the rest of us can tell the difference, ’cause honestly, they all look the same to me.

5. I don’t know what the hell he’s talking about here.

6. What traditions and theories are you destroying?  And how are you destroying them?  The fact is, buddy, if it’s between you and me, give ‘er a go.  I’m not bound by “turn the other cheek.”

7. I think this just means add members, but I’m not sure.  I’m hoping it doesn’t mean indoctrinate children because that’s just flat-out child abuse.

The videos section is awesome.  Fucking faith healing!!

I’ll only briefly comment on the 1st 1.  In it, he claims that anything, even fatal diseases such as cancer, can be healed simply by proclaiming Jesus’ name.  Wow.  And the crowd’s eating it up.  I’ll get into the specifics of it later.

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