Kingdom Warriors’ bullshit response

Before I begin, a note. Or 2. 1 is my conversation with Emmanuel has continued regardless of the below, which I actually don’t recall if I sent to him. But, like Cicero, I like what I wrote, so even if it’s irrelevant to our conversation, I’m publishing it anyway. 2, I’m going to try to curb the conversations that I post as they’re clearly futile and so constantly updating them is a little silly. Even if fun. That having been said…

Emmanuel and I get it ON!!

Hey Emmanuel,

Not a debate, no, but I would love an honest conversation…

> The stakes are indeed high. It is rather one of life and of death for > eternity.

This is a very bold claim. Lots of people make it. If I or anyone else is to follow what you say, surely a little evidence is a small favor to ask, especially considering what you call the stakes.

> But to answer your question, yes I do believe Jesus Christ the omnipotent > God is able to cure cancer because that’s what the bible teach, it happened > in history, and I myself have prayed for people and their cancer was cured.

Have you ever heard of confirmation bias? If not, feel free to look it up. I’m sure you have experienced that which you considered someone’s cancer being cured. But this begs the question, what of all the times it was not cured? What of the times that devout Christians did what you claim works and they, too, were not cured?

And if what you say is true, this begs the question why would Jesus let people he supposedly loves die of terrible diseases simply because they don’t invoke his name?

I would love to know how you’ve verified the history of cancer being cured solely through the invocation of Jesus’ name.

> You may not believe me, but I have no reason to lie.

Just because you don’t have a reason to lie doesn’t mean you speak the truth. Countless cultures over countless centuries have made claims as to the nature of reality with no reason to lie.

> One day when we all
> stand in the judgement of God, the truth will indeed be revealed.

I don’t understand why you believe this over any other doctrine of any other faith. Every faith makes claims about the nature of reality. Every faith claims to have the truth on these claims. And many faiths base their so-called truth on their holy books. Of all the faiths and all their claims, how do I know yours are true?

> That is
> why I don’t delight nor are interested in debate.

Are you then only interested in the uninitiated to take all of your claims based solely on your assertion?

> And generally speaking, “most” diseases are the work of Satan, > except things that we clearly bring onto ourselves.

How do you know your claim of Satan to be true? How can Satan’s activities be allowed to continue if god is omnipotent?

> The questions you asked have been raised for centuries and sometimes I > wonder what people are really looking for when they ask them. In your case, > I perceived them to be rhetorical and sarcastic, such as, if God is good > then why didn’t he stop evil, etc, and that is why I didn’t want to argue > about it.

Again, you have made bold claims about the nature of reality. I’ve asked questions about things I don’t understand. It seems to me that my questions should be easy to answer. Claiming that god is omnipotent begs the question why certain other things exist or how you know any of it to exist.

> But the simple answer to the statement is that God WILL deal with > the devil as the bible talks about, and that is when judgement day comes > where when God will judge devil, throw him into eternal torment for > punishment and also those who have not repented of their sins and asked God > to forgive them will also be judged and condemned to hell.

Why is it that god WILL not that god DOES? Why is god waiting for judgement day? If he’s omnipotent, he’s not bound by any calendar. Why does god require repentance? Why does he simply not forgive? Surely he’s capable.

> Not that God
> delights in that, but He is a perfect and Holy God who demands > righteousness.

Why? And how do you know this? Why is god bound to any rule? Couldn’t he simply forgive and be done with it?

> That is the reason why God sent His son Jesus Christ to pay > for the death penalty for all men, so that when we believe in Him, we are > wiped clean, and we don’t have to be punished for our sins.

Why is belief enough? Why was crucifixion enough? Why the vicarious repentance? Again, for an omnipotent being, god seems to be bound by a bunch of rules.

> We did the
> crime, Jesus paid for our punishment because He loves us.

What crime exactly? I’ve never been clear on exactly what we did that was so terrible that it would require our being tortured forever. If Jesus and god are the same and they love us, why would they ever be willing to torture us for all eternity?

> So yes God is omnipotent, and yes there are still suffering in this life and > many things aren’t right. And that is because God is giving the world and > everyone GRACE, meaning time, to repent of their sins and trust in Jesus for > salvation.

I don’t understand how grace equals time, but beyond that why all the time? It’s a never-ending process solely because people keep being born. Again, if god is omnpotent, can’t he just forgive?

> If God steps in at this moment, He would not have given men FREE > WILL to choose right from wrong, and if that is the case, then on the day of > Judgement many will claim that “it wasn’t fair” because they didn’t had a > choice to choose.

But if god is omniscient, he already knows what we will do and so free will is an illusion. Additionally, I’m sure you’ll agree that god “stepped in” in mortal affairs if we are to believe the Bible. Why did god “step in” then and not now? And what about matters that don’t involve choice like natural disasters or indirect crimes? Or how about ethically ambiguous situations? I’m sure you’d agree that not every situation can be easily divided between right and wrong.

> Obviously, these things could take days if not months to unravel and I’m > sure you have already look through many of these questions and answers, and > hence you sent me that email.

My main concern was your faith-healing activities as it seems all the evidence you have of your claim in that is confirmation bias. But I’d love your opinion on everything else as you claim to know and claim to be a minister.

> But I have given you a snapshot of what I believe in regards to your > question and I do believe that they are the truth.

How do you know they’re the truth?

I guess all you “ministers” are the same. You’re happy to splash your hogwash everywhere, but when someone says hey, what do you mean? Why do you claim this? You honestly think that invocation of Jesus’ name cures cancer? What do you do? You flee.

I guess I wouldn’t mind except that form just the 1 video I watched, you had a lot of people eating out of your hand. That’s power. That’s control. Maybe they were all in on the joke, but what about the ones who weren’t? What about the ones who are too stupid or gullible to realize you’re full of shit? What happens to them when their loved ones or they themselves get some horrible disease and following your suggestions does nothing? Where will you be then? Will you be by their side to comfort them? Or will you be with the next group, spouting more lies?

You’re not raping anyone. You’re not literally stealing. But what you’re doing isn’t a whole lot better.

11 Responses to “Kingdom Warriors’ bullshit response”

  1. miguel Says:

    God bless you and baptize you with fire in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth Son of the Highest God

    • Anton A. Hill Says:

      Thanks Miguel, but you’d first have to demonstrate a god, Jesus, and prove that Jesus is God’s Son. Then you’d have to demonstrate that there’s any reason why I should want to be baptized, especially with fire. And if God is the “Highest God”, does that mean there are others? If not, why call Him the “Highest God”?

      • MR.ARPAS123 Says:


        • Anton A. Hill Says:

          Hey Mr. Arpas,

          Thanks for dropping by. I won’t fully respond here except to say two things. One, I’ve already checked out your channel and site, and the “proof” you offer is Bible verses. Since you actually dropped by and commented twice, I’ll take that as an invitation for me to address your “proof” directly, which I will when I have time. Second, please feel free to comment, but if you’re just going to spam, I’m going to ignore it.

  2. […] and SelfPromoting. MrArpas123 is the creationist and a fan of my old pal, Emmanuel of (I’ll get to that charlatan later!). Share […]

  3. this guy seems to also be promting people whom claimed they went tot hell…

    • Anton A. Hill Says:

      Yeah, anyone who claims to have experienced Hell is full of shit.

      • in all and all i think he is a paranoid spiritual terrorist, and on his forums he seems to really like kenneth copland and credflo dollar… (They believe if God loves u he gonna make u rich)

        • Anton A. Hill Says:

          I know nothing about Copland, but I used to enjoy watching Dollar. He’s so snazzy in those suits! The biggest thing that bothers me about Emmanuel is his insistence that faith healing works and yet his total lack of evidence. And of course when I confronted him on that, radio silence.

          • so do u think emmanuel was just bullshitting about the parts where he claimed he grew back a babys limb with prayer-lying for the lord is a popluar tradtion among Evangelical Christians!

            • Anton A. Hill Says:

              I’m sure some part of Emmanuel sincerely believes some of his bullshit. He’d have to in order to commit his life to it. Never underestimate the powers of cognitive dissonance and rationalization, though.

              Did Emmanuel heal an amputee baby? Of course not. Did something neat happen involving a baby and Emmanuel? Sure.

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