More with KhanStodge (and Bet)

Although this will likely be 1 of the last rounds, if not the last.

“ok sence ur interested:

“For example i call on him if am lost. I tell him of my trouble and what i have done to get me in that situation. Then something in my life happens that guides me out of my trouble and makes me strong. Its from the inside only way u can get the proof if u experience it.”


I honestly don’t understand. Do you mean when you’re physically lost? If so, does god give you directions?

If god’s omniscient, doesn’t he already know what you’re thinking?

Something guiding you does not equal a god. It’s confirmation bias. Google it. I can say the same thing about the Easter Bunny.

I don’t know what you mean by “from the inside”, but anyone can make that claim about anything. Since I’ve not experienced that, why should I take what you say as evidence?

As an aside, why are people so fucking lazy when it comes to writing? I can understand “ur” instead of “you’re”, but “sence”? It takes just as much effort to write “since” as “sence.”

“If he heals the planet what would guarantee that we wont damage it again?”


If god is omniscient, he already knows if we will or won’t damage the planet again. If god is omnipotent, he can always heal it again.

“Yes, you’re right. The Christian belief does say that a person who does not accept Jesus as their personal saviour they will be damned to hell; God gave us a free will, and if [she] was an athiest and confessed with her tounge that their is No God then she must wait ’till judgement day do be condemed or not.”

If god is omniscient and so knows our thoughts and actions before we do, free will is an illusion.

There is no justice in Person A doing right, but not accepting Jesus and so being damned, and Person B doing wrong, but accepting Jesus and being saved. Surely an omniscient god understands this.

What’s this about waiting ’til judgement day?? God can’t make decisions now? He’s bound by a calendar?

There’s no evidence for any of this nonsense!

“The second coming of Christ is near, the Bible does say he will make a new heaven and a NEW EARTH. all the sins will be wiped clean of this Earth and we will live in peace. The Bible has over 600 Prophecies and most have been fullfilled. I bet you didn’t know that in the Bible, Book of Revelations it speaks about all the natural disasters and things that have occured. The Bible even speaks of 9/11.”

There’s no reason to believe that the 2nd coming is near. There’s no clear definition of “sin.” There’s no evidence that a single biblical prophecy has come true. The Bible did not predict 9/11. And even if it did, fat lot of good that was considering it happened.

The cold, hard fact is, you have absolutely no reason to believe any of this.

“The simple existance of an athiest proves god exists. Why would a person spend so much time neglecting a “fairy tale”. Please quit bringing up the easter bunny, santa and the spaghetti monster; it seems they are your only defense. I am not asking you to personaly believe in God, all I am saying Is to know there is a God.”

The existence of an atheist proves nothing more than an atheist exists. By your logic, I can replace “god” with “Leprechaun King.”

I negate a fairy tale because people like you use it as justification in legislative policy that affects my life.

I bring up other mythological figures as they have just as much merit as a god. I have no reason to believe in any of them.

“The Bible also says that “Every knee shall bend and every tounge will confess that you are god.” It also says that “every eye shall see God”.”

It also says it’s okay to stone kids, kill homosexuals, kill witches, own and beat slaves, and slaughter entire nations. Do you believe all of that?

Please look up logical fallacies including confirmation bias, non sequitur, and appeal to authority.

If you’re not interested in logical fallacies consider the simple fact that I have no reason to believe your hogwash over anyone else’s. Every faith has a holy book. Every culture has a faith. They can’t all be right.

Me now:
I’ve made a grievous error. I’ve mistaken this person and a few others for those who actually have critical thinking and logical reasoning skills. Fellow atheists have warned me that I’ll never get through to the hard-liners, that I should go after the fence-sitters. For some reason, I keep thinking I can make an ounce of headway with people like BETOSDGRBASS. It’s crossed my mind that I should just stop with this line of questioning. But let’s be real, as frustrating as it gets, it’s still fun. Beyond that, I maintain faith (yes, I said it) that I can make a tiny amount of headway with anyone… even if it’s not much.

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