These Family International motherfuckers deserve to die.

I’m not talking about the kid in the kitchen.

I don’t know what’s up with the pseudo-animated bear.

Thanks to Juliana for the link!

9 Responses to “These Family International motherfuckers deserve to die.”

  1. D. LaVine Says:

    The cartoon is “Pedobear”, an internet tongue-in-cheek icon superimposed upon pictures or videos that seem to innocuously (or often, intentionally) present a pedophilic or pederastic image or scenario. …and for the record, the very bottom-most level of hell is reserved for this couple and those of their ilk.

  2. antonahill Says:

    There’s no hell, but if there were, I’d heartily agree.

  3. unimpressed Says:

    I’m just sorry there is no hell from them to go to.

  4. Essie Baker Says:

    These people have destroyed and continue to destroy many young lives they need to be stopped once and for all

  5. Essie Baker Says:

    They make me sick to my stomach.Child Abuse is NOT okay!

  6. Essie Baker Says:

    It is really sad to see so many young people still bearing the emotional and mental scars from this cults abuse.You don’t heal from this kind of thing overnight..It is a very long and painful process.It sickens me that these monsters are sitting back pretty without a care in the world even though they have caused so much damage

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