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A good video on the Bible’s repulsiveness

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Some of the information is pretty common as in it’s not exactly breaking new ground, but it’s also pretty precise and straight-forward. I have a couple of issues with what he presents which I’ll get into in a sec.

1. I’ve heard from apologists that the 4th commandment discrepancy was done away with when Jesus came. Basically, this amounts to as long as we ask forgiveness from him, we will be pardoned for sins such as breaking this commandment. Effectively, the commandment no longer applies.

2. The issue with the 1st commandment I’ve heard explained along with the above.

3. The self-maimimg stuff I’ve heard is meant to be figurative. My issue with that is I can’t see how we should know what is meant to be taken literally and what’s not.

4. The same with the sexism points.

5. The point of the Bible being an appropriate book for children is sound. Even if we’re to take some of these more brutal verses figuratively, they’re still describing repulsive actions. As long as our society condemns similarly themed or contextual films, books, video games, and other forms of media, we should also condemn the Bible.

He does point out that the laws of the lord are perfect and should never change. This begs the question as to the veracity of the apologist claim above. How do we know what’s to be kept? How do we know that such interpretation is true?

But then I’ve been asking these questions for over a decade and a half and not a single Christian, lay or of the cloth, has been able to give me a straight answer. Know why?

It’s bullshit.

Anybody feel free to correct me on any of this.

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