Lee “fossil record proves creation” Strobel vs. Feredir28 & friends

I wish I had the time and dedication to do what Feredir28 is doing, which is making a bunch of videos on atheist topics. Since he’s doing it, though, I guess there’s no need for me to do so. Following is the above-referenced video. A link to Feredir28’s YouTube channel is provided in the “Friends” section.

6 Responses to “Lee “fossil record proves creation” Strobel vs. Feredir28 & friends”

  1. If Strobel looked at religion with such skepticism he would reject it as utterly absurd.

  2. antonahill Says:

    It’s been my experience that the religious never apply the same criticism to their bullshit as they do to any other. In fact, often, they simply ignore the criticism. I’ve been debating a guy who believes in reincarnation, and, when I point out that his “evidence” is identical to that of UFO sightings, he ignores it.

  3. having looked at both arguments, Ive concluded that Creation does hold up under criticism.. looking at the fall of man explains why the t-Rex and rattlesnakes are “built” for meat eating.. the world being cursed, changed. Stroble does have some very good points in his videos about DNA and physics. He is correct that there are few transition fossils, and in fact there are some whole fossilized trees (doesn’t happen unless they didn’t have time to break down) as proof of the flood. some skulls have been found as “proof” of evolution, but humans may have been created smaller and eventually enlarged, as did horses via natural selection. there remain a lot of mysteries in both Evolution and Creation theories. other proof of Jesus’ Lordship and death is miraculous healings and casting out of demons (which you could watch on YouTube).

    • Anton A. Hill Says:

      Hey Johnio,

      What kind of Creationism are you talking about? Young Earth or Old Earth? Are you one of those who takes the Bible word-for-word literally or one who believes God just started the process, then left it to itself?

      The “fall of man” is an undemonstrated premise.

      Please cite Strobel’s “very good points.” Please cite and explain your “fossilized trees” example.

      The evidence for evolution is overwhelming, primarily in the genetic record. While skulls do support it, they aren’t necessary to demonstrate it. “May have been” is irrelevant to the evidence.

      What mysteries remain in evolution?

      Please cite specific, objectively verifiable evidence of Jesus’ “miraculous healings” and casting out of demons.



  4. so time and space magically existed, were magically disturbed, exploded, creating protons, neutrons, and electrons which magically joined together and started spinning to create all elements, which joined together to create all molecules, which joined together for no reason to create proteins, which magically assembled itself into a cell, which somehow was electrocuted just enough to create life? and this asexually reproducing cell somehow engulfed other magical proteins to form a sexually reproducing cell which somehow evolved into a euglena-like cell that evolved into organisms that further evolved into animals that evolved into humans that have complex brains and morals that humans themselves have not yet understood completely?

    Evolution in a nutshell…..

    • Anton A. Hill Says:

      Hi Johnio,

      Before you flippantly (and incorrectly) ridicule something, you really should do your research first. Evolution doesn’t describe the Big Bang theory. No one claims that it does. So to put forth the well-worn meme that you’ve put forth serves only to demonstrate your ignorance of the facts.

      No scientist has ever claimed that 1. magic exists or 2. that it created and progressed the universe. While science hasn’t completely described the process from Big Bang to now, that doesn’t automatically mean that any fairy story you care to cite is thus necessarily true. And you know that.

      What you’re providing here is a huge Appeal to Personal Incredulity and Argument from Ignorance. Because you don’t understand the mechanics of what science has described about the universe, and because whatever description you’ve heard doesn’t make sense or appeal to you, you’ve gone ahead and assumed that it can’t possibly be true. But the evidence is 100% disinterested in your opinion of it.

      I don’t like the fact that if I were to jump off the top of the Sears Tower that I’d fall to my mushy death, but the Theory of Gravity remains true regardless of my opinion of it.



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