Fuck you, Imane “I wanna wear my hijab!” Budlal!

The day the Supreme Court decided that the Boy Scouts of America, as a private organization, had the right to discriminate against gays, bisexuals, transgendereds, atheists, agnostics, and whoever else, was a sad day. Scratch that. It was fucking infuriating. Only a couple of years earlier, I’d earned the rank of Eagle Scout (the highest rank awarded) and was deeply offended that had my answer been “no” to “Do you believe in God?” during my Eagle conference (they did ask me point-blank), they would’ve said, “Well, thanks for the last near decade of your life; don’t let the door hit you in the ass.”

In all honesty, I was more pissed at the gay thing than the atheist thing and the full truth is that, at that point, I was more of a half-agnostic/half-deist than an atheist. I had been questioning my sexuality, however, so the whole issue still stands.

I got my Eagle award. The Supreme Court ruled. I sent the BSA a letter telling them that I renounced my rank until they allowed gays and the rest in. They sent a polite form letter saying “fuck you.” I continued to remain pissed until I was done being pissed.

The Supreme Court was right.

As much as I hated to admit it from my indoctrinated liberalism, I knew that if the First Amendment were to apply, it must apply even to expression that I don’t like. As long as the government isn’t showing preference to the Boy Scouts (which it does, by the way), the Scouts can believe and practice whatever they want within the confines of the law. If I don’t like it, I can take my ball and go play somewhere else.

Well, you know what, kiddies? Same fucking thing applies to Disney. They are a private organization conforming to applicable laws. The government shows them no preference. Sure, they seem kinda fascist, whitewashed, and, dare I say it, at times almost racist, but they are law-abiding and they have certain policies. One of those is you can’t wear a mustache. It’s their thing. We all know guys with mustaches are not to be trusted. Disney can’t have a crowd of 5-year-olds not trust its cast members. And if you don’t like those policies, fucking work for someone else!

Now let’s get to the video!

“I decided to wear my hijab because it was Ramadan.”

Not at Disneyland, it ain’t!

“She’s been a cast member for the last couple of years… She hasn’t worn the head scarf before.”

Which makes it made-up, fucking bullshit outrage!! The cherry-picking bitch wants to have her fucking cake and eat it too!! What, did she enter puberty yesterday?! (Women are only required to observe the rules of Ramadan after they enter puberty.) Doesn’t look like it, so why the fuck did she just now decide that her “religious expression” was so fucking important?! I’d think that if Allah gave a fuck, he would’ve given a fuck the last two years as well!

“That’s not part of the costume.”

And as Disney is a private organiation with a reputation to maintain, they get to fucking pick which costume you wear. If you don’t like it, work somewhere else! But beyond that, since this bitch had worked for Disney for two previous years, she knew what the Disney policy had been. She can’t fucking act all oppressed when 1 she knew about the policy and 2 had no previous problem with it.

“And even worse, they’re saying, ‘well, we can provide you with a hat’.”

Wait, so Disney was willing to fucking work with you even despite their internal policies of which you were already aware, had previously expressed no problem with, and it’s not their obligation to respect your bullshit religion in their policies in the 1st place?? They offered you a fucking compromise and you spat in their faces, whined to the news, and sued them?!

Shut the FUCK up!!

“What do you mean a hat or something?! I was totally shocked. Just let me wear my hijab.”

It’s not part of the fucking costume you moron! They were trying to accommodate you and you’re being a self-righteous, delusional bitch! I would’ve fucking fired your bullshit-believing Muslim ass.

“We were trying to accommodate her with a back-stage position that would allow her to work… until we could work out a permanent solution.”

Wow. I’ll fucking work for Disney. Hey, Disney, I’m an atheist asshole, but I’ll totally take your money to smile at people. They were fucking making a compromise! Ug! No company does that! No company has to!

“I’m just here to wear my headscarf.”

Which is not part of the fucking costume! Get it through your goddamn head!

“…work in the back. I’m a human being. I have feelings.”

So don’t work at a place that requires a goddamn costume!

Imane, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you.

I can’t think of anything else or better. Just fuck you.

4 Responses to “Fuck you, Imane “I wanna wear my hijab!” Budlal!”

  1. Brian Hutchinson Says:

    When I read this article I was amused by the report that Disney workers must not have a mustache, that means that good old Walt himself would be fired. Ah, the hypocrisy of it all!!!!

    • Not only can you not have a mustache, but men can’t have pony tails. In fact, in the internal guide I read, men had to have their hair very neatly trimmed. And I suppose it’s technically hypocritical for the boss to require something of his workers that he himself doesn’t have to follow, but then again, he was the boss.

  2. Hey you atheist asshole! ha ha, had to get that in there. Sounds like you’re conservative, agnostic, and gay. Tough life man, but doable.

    • Anton A. Hill Says:

      Hey Dan,

      Thanks for dropping by. Good for getting it in there! I’m actually neither conservative, agnostic, nor gay, so, not so tough! 🙂

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