Mary “batshit crazy” Deioma published me!

For reference, here’s her YouTube channel:


After an e-mail correspondence with her, she published it on her site, with some additional comments.

Mary Deioma dot com backslash atheist

Following is my response to her.

Hey Mary,

I understand you may ignore this, but I wanted to address a couple of things anyway.

“In October 2009 A blogger who calls himself Atheist Asshole published my video and excerpts of our email discourse. I engaged in a discussion in good faith help an individual and gave no permission for him to publish it. Since however he did publish it, I decided to publish the whole conversation.”

You’re right. You gave me no permission. At the same time, people quote things all the time on the ‘net without permission, even without citing the material, so I honestly didn’t think I’d committed any legal or ethical breaches.

And thanks for publishing the conversation. More publicity for me. 🙂

“I made no further reply because I could see he was deliberately ignoring information that did not suit his agenda and further response would meet with the same Swiss Cheese like attention.”

I never ignored anything. I addressed every point you raised. You may not have liked my questions or pointing out of your logical fallacies, but that’s not the same thing as my ignoring information. And the fact is, everyone has an agenda. You have the agenda that people believe you. I have the agenda of proving what you believe.

“I felt some of the earlier conversation had offered him some material to contemplate and some spiritual evolution on his part must occur before he had the ears to hear and that I should let it percolate within him.”

You made unfounded claims and couldn’t define terms you were using. Even here you say “spiritual evolution” for which you give no definition or logical reasoning.

And let’s be honest, you’ll make this same “spiritual evolution” claim until I agree with you. Since I don’t, you simply claim that I haven’t “spiritually evolved” enough.

“Mentally I sent blessings and goodwill to him but did not in writing because it was not my intention to offend him.”

You never did, nor ever would offend me. I don’t get the mechanics of sending “mental blessings”, but it sounds like it was a kind gesture, so thanks!

By the way, I saw that you claimed to speak with Carradine after his death. Have my grandparents stopped by? I want to discuss some things with them.

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