Thank you, Ann Coulter, for telling the truth about your made-up bullshit.

I know. I know. It’s very cool among liberals to hate Coulter. One thing, though, that I truly appreciate about her is that she often tells the truth from her point of view, as opposed to being intellectually dishonest as so many on the left and right are.

I happened upon this pretty much by accident. I’ll only address the religious/atheistic specific stuff.

(Times are approximate.)

1:37 Deutsch, “So we should all be Christian?” Coulter, “Yes!”

See what I mean? No beating around the bullshit bush about how all faiths are equal or good or any of that. She just flat-out admits that we should all be like her, which, if you think about it, is exactly what the evangelical message is.

1:43 Deutsch, “So I should not be a Jew? …We would be better off if there were no Jews, no Buddhists…?” [lots of back and forth, then:] Coulter, “Yeah, well it’s [being Christian] a lot easier.”

Now we’re getting to the real part. That I wish all Christians would just fucking admit.

3:20 Coulter, “No, we just want Jews to be perfected.”

There you go, people! As Hitchens says, if you believe X, you must ALSO believe Y. (I don’t have his whole speech in front of me. Google “Hitchens” and “What you must believe” or something like that, and I’m sure it’ll turn up. Hell, I might even do something on it here!) If you believe that Christianity is the one, true faith, then you must ALSO believe that other faiths, including Judaism, are wrong. You must ALSO believe that no matter how pious the Jewish person is, that if he doesn’t accept Jesus as his personal savior, then he WILL burn forever in Hell. If you are a Christian, you MUST believe this.

3:34 Coulter, “What’s absurd?”

Deutsch had just started in on this, “In the old days, if you’d said something absurd like that…” Here’s the thing:

Ann’s right.

It’s NOT absurd. It is what you MUST believe if you are a Christian. What’s absurd is claiming anything else. I’ve heard the gamut. I’ve heard “Well, God won’t send you to HELL, you’ll just be separate from God” or “Well, as long as you’re a good person, God’s cool with that” But that’s not what the Bible and Christian theologians say. They say, if you don’t accept, you burn. Period. End of fucking story.

3:45 Deutsch, “And if Ann Coulter had any brains, she would NOT say things like Jews need to be perfected.”

What part of Christianity do you not get, Donny? Ann is right on here. And I honestly don’t think she should apologize for it. That’s intellectual dishonesty. It’s the same reason I love, love, love Fred Phelps. Sure his approach is kinda in-your-face and vitriolic, but it’s absolutely true. If you don’t believe me or him, read the Bible.

If you believe this bullshit, you MUST believe this bullshit.

3:46 Deutsch, “I’m offended by that personally…”

Donny, have you not read the Bible? How about your precious Torah? They’re both full of bullshit. I’d argue that the Torah is full of worse bullshit, though that’s a very long debate that, at the present time, I’m not up for detailing here.

4:30 Deutsch, “Don’t you see how hateful and anti-semitic…?”

I’ll give him anti-semitic. Technically, Christianity is as it’s saying that that which Jews believe is wrong. But by that same token, Christianity is anti-anything-that-isn’t-Christian. And by THAT same token, so is every other faith.

I’m not with Deutsch on hateful as I’ve had many Christians tell me that they fully welcome anyone, absolutely ANYONE, who’s willing to give themselves to Christ. Including Jews. To me, that’s incredibly loving.

But this is the thing. The religious, all religious, want to have their cake and eat it too. Every last one of them wants to say, “This is the way it is”, but then they’d have to admit that, “That isn’t the way it is”, which no one wants to say because the thises and the thats have to live and work together in relative harmony, otherwise society collapses. But the thises and the thats MUST believe that the other (too complicated??) is full of shit. Otherwise, they’d all unite and agree. And if they all were honest with each other, they might have to examine their own bullshit and realize that, gasp, it is just a big, ol’ pile of unsubstantiated bullshit. And no one wants to do that.

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