Thank you, NonStampCollector, for such sweet, sweet, “Hitler: The Atheist” candy!

The following video, from NonStampCollector, made me laugh ’til I cried.

And now, for the meat…

I’m so fucking tired of the claim that Hitler was an atheist and all the correlation-without-causation implications that the claim insinuates.

First, he probably wasn’t an atheist, but without being able to talk with him, we can’t fully support that claim. Sure, we can look at his statements, both public and written, and actions, which NSC does, but the argument can always be made that Hitler didn’t “mean” those. The point being that without him to speak with, we can’t 100% know.

Two, even if Hitler were an atheist, that says nothing of atheism itself. In fact, atheism itself is merely non-theism. Beyond that, it is neither a philosophy nor a political movement. Just as, as NSC puts it, Non-Stamp Collecting isn’t a hobby.

Three, some theists have committed some atrocities in the name of, cause of, inspiration by their deity, and the only reason they make the Hitler claim is that they either can’t face or are too┬áintellectually dishonest to admit what Hitchens pointed out, that an evil man doesn’t need atheism to commit evil, but a good man needs theism to do so.

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