D’oh! The secret’s out thanks to DarkMatter2525 in “The Secret Lives of Atheists”!

From DarkMatter2525:

I can’t tell you how many times religious of all stripes have made the ridiculous (and unsubstantiated) claim that without (a fear of) God, I have no morality, no inhibitions, no sense of right and wrong, no respect for the law, no regard for other people, a need to do drugs, or whatever the fuck else you’d like to place between those commas…

One of my problems with religious indoctrination is that it teaches a false dichotomy to children. You’re either a theist (moral, ethical, etc.) or you’re not (and not). The subtleties of life don’t seem to seep in despite the fact that they’re readily apparent.

In fact, in my discussions with Ramfan32 all those months ago, he/she (never learned his/her gender) claimed that abortion was always wrong. I asked about cases of rape, incest, and whether it was better for an unready mother to have a child and raise it poorly or not to have the child at all and wait until she’s ready. Ramfan was all about the sanctity of life and fuck the woman if she wasn’t ready, she shouldn’t get pregnant. While I agreed with the moral position, that the unborn child shouldn’t be punished for the mother’s unreadiness, I also felt that the child shouldn’t suffer a miserable childhood also because of that unreadiness. I also made it clear that I don’t feel that abortion should be considered a form of birth control, it shouldn’t be taken lightly, and should be considered the final option if the mother felt she had no other.

Ramfan didn’t budge.

And that’s fine. Ramfan has the right to believe whatever he/she wants to around that, but what shocked me was his/her staunch moral stance despite a total lack of knowledge or experience in the subject. Hence the false dichotomy. Abortion is bad. End of story.  Situational shades of grey be damned.

This same born-again Christian also had some pretty fun rationalizations about how soldiers who kill in war are not murderers and that those who are in agony should not ever have the right to end their own lives or receive assistance to do so.

But I’ll cover that later. Maybe.

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