Thank you, ExtantDodo, for your great “Top 25 Creationist Fallacies” video!

ExtantDodo can now be found on my Atheist Videos page, but I wanted to draw specific attention to this video.

You wouldn’t believe how frequently the religious employ logical fallacy not only to support their creationism vs. evolution claims, but pretty much any claim they make. Just today I was corresponding with a certain Mary Ellen Downs on Facebook about, among other things, her miracle claims. One of her correlations was equating praying to God with His alleged helping her through a difficult pregnancy. She even admitted that her claim could be explained by science!

I’d say my top three (in no order) fallacies I’ve run into are 1. appeal to popularity 2. correlation without causation and 3. argument from ignorance. The third one is especially fun because nearly every time I cite it, the religious with whom I’m chatting takes offense assuming I mean the he or she is stupid, which may be the case, but isn’t the accusation.

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