Teaching the controversy is bullshit!

The following is from DarkMatter2525 on my Atheist Videos page.

Way back in high school, at my private school (yeah, yeah, it’s shee-shee, I know, get the fuck over it) Catlin Gabel, I had biology with Linda Somebody. In one of our classes, Linda introduced some concept about evolution. After her few remarks, my classmate and current Facebook friend, Barkley M., spoke up. (I’m paraphrasing.)

“What about creationism?”

“…While creationism is a perfectly valid theory, we’re focusing on evolution,” Linda replied.

What the fuck, Linda??

You know perfectly well that creationism is not only NOT a “perfectly valid theory,” but blindingly obviously made-up horseshit! I get that parental pressure from religious nutjobs–especially at a private school not administered by government-mandated science standards–must be irritating, but what about fucking pedagogical and scientific integrity?? You should’ve fucking slammed that bullshit right down and told Barkley that she was full of crap and that you weren’t going to validate creationism because it’s invalid!

Now hold on a sec. I like Barkley. She’s a nice woman. She’s intelligent. She reached out to me unsolicited during an extremely rough part in my life. Her brother once gave me a bunch of free beer when he was bartending at BridgePort. But to sincerely believe that the idea of creationism is a valid scientific theory is wholly intellectually dishonest. And ridiculous. And should be treated as such.

Furthermore, the religious argument that if we’re going to teach the THEORY of evolution in public schools, then we must also teach intelligent design, or at least the controversy surrounding evolution is bullshit. This assertion ignores two very important things. The first is that evolution is not “just a theory” as people (dishonestly) like to present, but rather a model that explains the evidence. The second is that if we were even to teach the controversy surrounding evolution, it would beg the question as to where the line should be drawn around any theory. Thus Bobby Henderson’s fantastic Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

The religious need to fucking get used to it. Evolution is fact and is proven not only in biology, but in language, technology, sociology, the arts, and just about anything else that develops over time. Creationism is made-up bunk that, unlike the bullshit concepts of the soul and the afterlife, offers nothing but perpetuated ignorance.

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