Thank you, Michael S., for your de-conversion story!

Michael’s story is as follows and is also available on the
De-Conversion Stories page.

“I was raised Roman Catholic. In 4th or 5th grade I can vividly remember my bible study teacher telling the class that not all good people go to heaven because you must first accept Jesus as your savior. I immediately identified this as nonsense because it would mean that anyone unlucky enough to have simply lived their life without having been introduced to the New Testament was automatically damned to eternal suffering. This is clearly unfair, so I thought to myself, ‘If god is not fair then why is he worthy of worship?’.

“That’s when I realized Catholics had it wrong, yet I went on continuing to believe in god and an afterlife. These beliefs were gradually weakened as my interest in science strengthened and my skills of logic and reasoning matured. Eventually in college I realized the only reason I still believed in an afterlife was that I was unable to comprehend nonexistence. But logical consistency would then require me to believe in reincarnation, or some other sort of pre-life, for this to make any sense. So I finally let go of my last remaining religious notions and realized I belonged to that evil group of people known as atheists.”

–Michael S.

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