George Carlin–Religion is Bullshit!

Somebody on Facebook posted this recently on the American Atheists page and I felt ashamed that I hadn’t done the same here.

Couldn’t have said it better myself, George. You were golden.

3 Responses to “George Carlin–Religion is Bullshit!”

  1. […] the notion of comedians saying pretty much whatever the hell they want, especially when it’s pushing the envelope on religion. I didn’t so much care that Morgan was homophobic–I mean, I cared, but I […]

  2. George Carlin was an incredible and highly-enlightened man. His satire is one that not many have/can live up to. I thank my grandfather, Liam, for introducing me to his work. Goodness knows where I’d be without him.

    • Anton A. Hill Says:

      I was always so delighted that Carlin came out and said it when many comedians never would have. That’s the great thing about Carlin’s level of respect among not only his own audience, but the general populace as well. He wasn’t considered fringe, so when he spoke out against religion, some people, even Fox News, tended to at least give him the time of day. Carlin is sorely missed.

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