Fuck you, Lady GaGa, for excluding us!


I don’t hate Lady Gaga. In fact, I have no real opinion on her one way or the other. I find her frankly showy and weird for the sake of it. No big deal. Half the songs I’ve heard I found catchy. The other half didn’t do anything for me. This isn’t unique to her. I’m a music snob. But when I heard “Born This Way,” I first thought it was catchy, if reminiscent of Madonna. Then I heard a bit about the lyrics.


Like everyone else, I thought it was pretty cool that Gaga was not only acknowledging the gay community, but specifically encouraging its acceptance.

Then I read the lyrics.


I got nervous. “Him”? Is she saying what I think she’s saying?


Yeah, I could see where this was going. Mothers never talk about their kids’ fathers as “making” the kids.


Great. Exactly what I’d feared. She had to bring God into this. I get that on a practical level, this isn’t a big deal. Gaga isn’t saying, “fuck everyone who doesn’t believe in one god.” And even if she were, it’s just a stupid pop song. But what pisses me off about this is that I’ve seen her be universally praised for her acceptance and inclusion. And yes, telling gay, lesbian, transgendered, etc. people around the world, and let’s be honest, teenagers, that they’re okay the way they are, is definitely a good thing. Considering all the talk of bullying and gay suicides lately, it probably is kind of useful for an international cultural icon to be sending positive messages to the insecure youth of the world. But…

What about the rest of us?

What if you’re a teenager questioning your faith or ditching it altogether? What if you’re not a member of the Abrahamic faiths? What if you’re fucking Chinese? (Though to be fair, she says “orient” which I assume refers to Oriental/Asian peoples.) By saying, “God makes no mistakes,” Gaga is automatically excluding all of those groups. In effect, she’s saying, “If you’re gay, you should accept yourself, but if you’re atheist, agnostic, Hindu, Buddhist, Chinese, Japanese, then God made you. God did. That’s right, God. One male God.”

Sometimes I hear that because the gay community is only about 10% of the population, they need extra special care. And I mostly agree. The majority needs to look out for the minority, lest it be trampled, and as we’ve seen in history, gays certainly have been trampled on. But the non-religious (atheist, agnostic, etc. put together) in the US is between 12% and 15%. Not exactly a stunning majority (though a larger group than the Jews in the US–she never would’ve dared exclude them). And if we only include those who self-identify specifically as atheists, the number is a lot smaller. So is it vital to give a shout-out to gays and not to a nearly equally small minority? Is it just to single out a bullied minority for praise and exclude another bullied minority? I recognize that atheists haven’t killed themselves in droves, but the social consequences we endure aren’t exactly a walk in the park.

And here’s the thing. Gaga wrote the song. She had total control over it. She could’ve written any old lyrics she wanted. She could’ve chosen to include all minority groups or none at all. She could’ve made it an entirely gay-friendly song and ignored everyone else. She could’ve invoked all deities, not just a masculine singular one. But she didn’t. She chose a monotheistic bias. With that she said “fuck you.” And for that, Lady Gaga, I say “fuck you too.”

36 Responses to “Fuck you, Lady GaGa, for excluding us!”

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  2. I agree with all of this. I actually cannot stop listening to the song. I think it’s great. It has a good message and all, but the “God” thing bothers me. I do not believe in any kind of “God” so I was like taken back. Why would she exclude us? I’m actually thinking about writing an Atheist remix..

    • Anton A. Hill Says:

      Thanks for dropping by, Anna! I kinda like the song too, which is why I was so disappointed at the mention of dee-oh-double-gee.

  3. […] not a giant fan of the lyrics of Born this Way either, but at least Lady Ga Ga isn’t singing about stabbing her […]

  4. I for one care nothing for GaGa at all. She’s like the dumpster baby of Madonna and Marilyn Manson with David Bowie wedged in somewhere. With my preference, I am ALL for GLBT Pride and would love for it to take over the music world. But being the music perfectionist I am, I feel GaGa is not representing all of us the way we’d like. She’s the “It” girl for now, 8 mintues of fame left, and so it’s good to have someone so popular honoring us in a way. But I’d prefer a more, sane and sure, icon for us. Someone who preferably is one of us. GaGa just doesn’t cut it.

    • Anton A. Hill Says:

      I find GaGa innocuous. I just don’t care about her one way or the other. I was offended because she gets all this cultural credit for being “inclusive” when she truly isn’t, not with everybody. The shit thing is that I find “Born This Way” pretty catchy.

  5. alex ray Says:

    I think she mentions God so much just so she can push people’s buttons. The main argument against gays is a religious one, so of course she’ll find reasons they’re wrong that make sense to them. If she’s atheist and for gay marriage, some Christians would just write her off because they would think “she’s just a deviant and she’s going to hell anyway”. Think of it from the perspective of a very conservative christian family with a teenage girl that listens to lady gaga. Would the parents let the child listen to it if she denounced God every step of the way? Her agenda is just to support gay marriage, not really atheistic views. And if taking the Christian side on the choice of religion would help her in her goal for the acceptance of gay marriage, then she’s going about it the right way.

    • Anton A. Hill Says:

      Hey Alex,

      Thanks for dropping by. While you make a solid point, I respectfully disagree. Those who already believe that being gay is wrong don’t believe so because it makes rational sense. They believe so because they want to. No amount of attempted persuasion that being gay is “normal” is going to convince everyone. I cite Fred Phelps and a family friend who’s Orthodox Jewish. In both cases, these men are aware of the genetic facts and population numbers of the gay community and in both cases those facts fall on deaf ears. Thus, GaGa’s “going about it” is a futile, rationalizing waste of time. And, as I pointed out, it’s her song. She could’ve written it any way she wanted to. She could’ve mentioned the facts, rather than rely on some vaguely religious emotional appeal that simultaneously ignores and backhandedly vilifies millions of her fans. She could’ve talked about ALL rights for ALL people. She could’ve. She didn’t. End of story.

  6. Well, she was raised Roman Catholic, and went to a Catholic school, so I suspect she was just expressing herself in her own idiom. I can abide by that — I doubt she sat down and said, “Let’s see if I can write a song offensive to atheists.” As a Taoist, I hope that if I were to express things in Taoist terms, I don’t get slammed for being non-inclusive. The song is kinda catchy and it’s got some good message in it — nothing wrong with positive affirmations. I’m all for that. But there’s a subtext here that puzzles me. And it’s reflected in her choice of metaphors: a) sexual orientation, and b) God’s creation. She’s explicitly suggesting that the choice of her behaviors wasn’t chosen — like sexual orientation — and thus should be excused for whatever behaviors result. I think that a) cheapens the meaning of the experience of sexual minorities, and b) does an end around the reason for positive affirmations. People should feel good about themselves because all human life is worthy, that doesn’t mean that all behaviors are laudatory. I’m going to leave that there, because it’s a complex issue. However, there’s a third aspect — a crassly commercial one — in which Gaga is appealing to God and the analogy to sexual preference to put a rubber stamp on her behavior; Gaga’s message is none other than buy more me, because I’m great. And I’m far too cynical to believe that was an accident.

    • Anton A. Hill Says:

      Hey Tomomi,

      Thanks for dropping by! I’m not suggesting that you should be slammed for expressing things in Taoist terms. My point is that Gaga shouldn’t be praised for her “inclusion” when her device of “inclusion”–invoking God’s creation–is itself exclusive of anyone who doesn’t happen to believe in the Abrahamic God.

      Beyond that, you make an excellent point that I hadn’t even considered, that of Gaga’s rubber stamping her own behavior. And this adds to my first point. She’s being praised for “inclusion” when, on some level, all she’s really saying is “I’m great; buy more.”

      I also have a small issue with easy applause lines. No one is ever going to say Gaga is bad for calling for “inclusion”, so it’s an easy thing to be praised, and therefore, not truly praiseworthy. it’d be like her doing a song about how great babies are. Noe one’s going to object to that.

      • Hrm. It’s also interesting to note that she is supporting the cause of sexual minorities by referencing one of the main sources of oppression against sexual minorities — religion.

  7. Anton A. Hill Says:

    Not just religion, but monotheistic, presumably Abrahamic religion. I think she’s simply using the vocabulary with which she was raised. Nothing terrible about that, but nothing praiseworthy either.

  8. Someone Says:

    Lady Gaga excluded you. Because you are wrong.
    God loves you. Yes, YOU. HE made YOU and cares for you. Yet, you ignore him, you stab him. You betray him. How do you find the strength to live?
    I don’t have the ethical nor religious right to criticize you for what you believe in. I love you. and i respect you. And I care for you. Because God told me to do so. I’m just trying to alert you. Because you can change. You can find the right path. Everyone can find the right path.
    How do you explain all these miracles that happen every day? Who the heck created these waterfalls, these trees, this computer? GOD. God did. You can make a research online, or in books about proof of god or about how atheists turned into religious people. Please, turn into a religious person.
    And by the way, Christian Orthodox.
    Because all the other christians are heretic.

    • Anton A. Hill Says:

      Hey Zinonas,

      Thanks for dropping by. I couldn’t tell whether you were joking or not. It almost seems like you are with your coda of the Christian Orthodox church. It begs the question of why the arbitrary choice of that church as opposed to any other?

      On the other hand, assuming you weren’t joking, here’s my response.

      “Lady Gaga excluded you. Because you are wrong.”

      Unless you can read GaGa’s mind, you can’t accurately assess her motivations. Though you may be right about them. As for my being wrong, prove it.

      “God loves you. Yes, YOU. HE made YOU and cares for you. ”

      All of this you’d have to prove. You won’t because you can’t.

      “Yet, you ignore him, you stab him. You betray him. How do you find the strength to live?”

      It’s impossible to ignore an omnipotent entity. Same with stabbing. Betraying suggests that He and I had an agreement which we did not. I find the strength to live mostly from the instinct to survive, but supplemented by eating, drinking, clenaing myself on occasion, and using the facilities.

      “I don’t have the ethical nor religious right to criticize you for what you believe in. I love you. and i respect you. And I care for you. Because God told me to do so. I’m just trying to alert you. Because you can change. You can find the right path. Everyone can find the right path.”

      Why don’t you have the ethical or religious right to criticize me? Criticize me all you like, just please have some evidence to back up your criticisms. You don’t love me because you don’t know me. You respect and care for me because God told you to? Not because it’s simply decent of you to do so? What are you trying to alert me? I had found the right path. I was a Christian once and a very devoted believer at that. No one had answers to my questions. There was no evidence for claims made. What make the path you cite right and any other wrong?

      “How do you explain all these miracles that happen every day?”

      First, define a “miracle”, then I’ll be happy to have that conversation.

      “Who the heck created these waterfalls, these trees, this computer?”

      Gravity acting on water created the waterfalls. Nutrients + water + seeds (or some similar mechanism) created the trees. The computer was manufactured in a plant most likely in China or Singapore.

      “GOD. God did. You can make a research online, or in books about proof of god or about how atheists turned into religious people. Please, turn into a religious person.”

      Prove that God did the above. I have done research on proof of God. I’ve encountered none. Do you have specific evidence you’d like to cite? If so, please do. I’ve never heard of an atheist who became religious without relying on logical fallacy or emotional appeal. If you can find one who relied on neither, please let me know. I was religious.

      How do you judge who is a heretic and why?

  9. Although I’m not an atheist, I am an open bisexual and I can say, with confidence, that GLBT people are treated with a fair amount of contempt, even in somewhat liberal areas. For example, when I told my friends in HS that I was bisexual, everything became immediately quiet and the rest of the day was like that. The few remaining days of my high school career were filled with awkwardness and some sketchy behavior that I won’t go into detail. Inversely, I also have a friend who is an atheist and when he “came out”, there wasn’t any objection save for a “you don’t believe in an afterlife?” comment. Beyond that his “faults” were forgotten and nobody treated him with any contempt. I’m not saying ghat atheism is a fault, hence the ” “. I’m only trying to say that Mayer you’re making this out to be a bugger issue than it is. At the moment the GLBT community desperately needs support and to hear one incredibly talented woman tell me that God lives me the way I am is an incredible reassurance. Albeit, I didn’t need her music, but it’s good to have it.

    • Anton A. Hill Says:

      Hey Dani,

      Thanks for dropping by. I totally agree. It’s not that big of an issue. It’s an annoyance. I just find the praise heaped upon Gaga not too different from the behavior of the minority communities here in California in ’08 around Prop 8. In case you didn’t know, a law was passed (now repealed–thank the Magic Invisible Sky Man) that amended the state constitution to define marriage as solely between a man and a woman. Studies were done after the vote that revealed that a great number of the pro 8 voters were black, Latino, and a number of other minority communities. What I found so disappointing about those findings was that if anyone knows about oppression, its the black community, and in a different respect, the Latino community. Those two groups have fought, and in many cases, died to receive equal rights as us Whiteys. Equal rights. So then, for those groups to turn around, and, on primarily religious bases, deny the same rights to the GBLT community they themselves had once fought for was the epitome of hypocrisy.

      Back to Gaga, what she’s saying is good. Don’t get me wrong. On the other hand, in saying it, she’s silently ignoring those who also need recognition and acceptance. It’s true, the GLBT youth of today are arguably facing greater challenges than the freethinking youth, but that doesn’t mean we get to ignore the struggles of the freethinking youth. Gaga’s song and its implications also ignore the simple fact that there is an intersecting set between the two groups. Not every GLBT youth is religious and not every freethinking youth is straight.

      In the end, I don’t feel Gaga should be praised for supporting one group while she simultaneously implicitly denies another. It was her song. She wrote it. She could’ve written it any way she wanted. This is what she chose. Partially acceptance doesn’t equal whole acceptance.

      Now to your personal experience… I agree that the GLBT folk are treated with contempt and that needs to change (which it naturally does–it just takes time). I can’t speak as to the liberal areas as the communities that I frequent, it’s never been a problem. But I also don’t frequent all communities. It’s funny you mention your coming out in high school as, in my high school, it was almost a trend for people to come out and they had no fear of retribution. I have no clue why that occurred as opposed to what normally seems to occur, but it did.

      I agree that the GBLT community needs support. And I support it. I also support the freethinking community. And the two are not mutually exclusive. Thus my annoyance at Gaga who seems to think they are.

      I also have theological concerns about what Gaga said. Specifically, how the hell does she know and why do you need to hear such reassurance from her? Last I checked, every major religion, yes, even those oft-praised Hindus, does not support the GBLT community. If you’re to grant theological authority to any of those religions, you must also agree on their stance on homosexuality. As I often say, Fred Phelps has it right. According to the Holy Scriptures, God does in fact hate f*gs and wants us to stone them to death. It’s plainly and clearly written.

      If you’re going to mention this all-loving God leftist religious seem to think exists, you’d have to demonstrate such existence and such love just as with any assertion. So yeah, I don’t see any factual difference between Gaga telling you that God loves you and Gaga telling you a magic, invisible gay-basher loves you or the Flying Spaghetti Monster loves you. If such delusional concepts comfort you, then I have a cure-all tonic you might be interested in.

      After all that, I get your point, don’t necessarily agree, but do necessarily understand where you’re coming from.

      So, why aren’t you an atheist?

  10. 93

    What do we atheists need Lady Gaga for, anyway? Whatever your opinion about her music or her character may be—for a pop singer, I find her works decent—you don’t depend on her for the promotion of your worldviews. We’ve got George Carlin doing speeches called “Religion Is Bullshit”, Parker and Stone making South Park episodes about the absurdities of Catholic dogma, Marilyn Manson ripping the Bible during live performances, Stephen Hawking calculating that the universe gave birth to itself, Sigmund Freud speculating that religion is a sublimation of the libido and Richard Dawkins telling us that religion is a phenomenon guarded by Darwinian principles—see “meme”, his personal contribution to evolutionary psychology—we’ve got Carl Sagan, Ayn Rand, Friedrich Nietzsche, Epicurus and many more—so why should we care if another of those pop artists sings, “God makes no mistakes”?

    93 93/93

    • Anton A. Hill Says:

      I have no need for Gaga. As I responded to an earlier commenter, I simply find it objectionable the amount of praise the Left heaps upon her for her “inclusion.” If she believes in the Abrahamic God, she’s not inclusive. And she shouldn’t be praised as such. Of course I don’t depend on her for promotion of facts (sorry, I don’t like the term “worldview”–“view” suggests “opinion” and no one would ever call the acknowledgement of gravity a “view”). She does, though, bear a certain amount of cultural cache and weight. Thus, in my opinion, she bears a certain amount of responsibility in that which she says, supports, and promotes. As I said to previous commenters, she could’ve written any damn song she wanted. She could’ve written any damn lyrics she wanted. To not only invoke the Magic Invisible Sky Man, but also to make absolute claims about Him, is bullshit. That’s it.

      Parker and Stone is another story entirely…

  11. Anton A. Hill Says:

    Hey Mark,

    Sorry for the delay. Been really swamped, mostly with responses to apologists.

    I read the article. I now further don’t get Gaga. She has no problem with “organized religion”? What does that even mean? what’s the difference between “organized” and “disorganized” religion? The “organized” is the label the left apply so as not to offend themselves. But it’s still bulslhit.

    I haven’t heard “Marry the Night.” Honeslty, unless a Gaga song happens to be playing in the car as we’re driving, I don’t hear it.



    • I don’t think you have to feel so compelled to reply at a given time or to reply at all.

      Yes, you see, Lady Gaga herself admitted that she was very confused about religion. She said so on Larry King’s show, where she called herself “quite religious” and proceeded to say that she thought religion was bogus. Sounds contradictory, doesn’t it?

      I really don’t understand how someone like Gaga can pray every time before going on stage, but she stands somewhere in between. I would like seeing her drift toward agnosticism, then maybe apatheism or atheism. Decreasing the catholicism would be a good start.

      “Marry the Night” is the song used in her latest music video.

      • Anton A. Hill Says:

        Hey Mark,

        Maybe I don’t have to feel compelled, but I, er, do.

        Yeah, I don’t get the contradictions you cite either. Whatever. Fuck her.

        I may check out “Marry the Night.” I may.



  12. Well, this is *your* blog. I’ll just sum it up.

    There’s an interview where she said that the bullying she had undergone in her childhood stayed with her for her entire life. She hasn’t manage to overcome it, and I believe that the same can be said about her Catholic indoctrination. That summarizes all I have to say about her religiosity.

    Anyway, I don’t know why anyone who wears dildo boots on national television would want to call herself Catholic, but yeah, whatever.

    Take care, Anton.

    • Anton A. Hill Says:

      Hey Mark,

      That’s fascinating. Didn’t know that about Gaga. I can’t say I’m surprised, though. Like Madonna before her, Gaga seems to be obsessed with being zany on stage for its own sake. I’m not offended by any of that, or rather I’m not offended by the material’s inspiration, just the pretense of the material itself. The whole sitting in a plastic egg for 36 hours before the Grammys was too much.

  13. * grammatic correction: “hasn’t managed”.

  14. All this article (and comments) are is just an attack on Christians. Most of you are just basically telling us Christians that we have stupid, flimsy beliefs that we are trying to push on to others. Well, I myself, am not trying to push my beliefs on any person. If they are an Atheist, so be it. If they are Buddhist, so be it. Hindu? Jewish? Anything? SO BE IT. God loves everyone, even gay, lesbian, and transgender people. He doesn’t hate. As a matter of fact, I don’t have a problem with gay marriage. Just as long as they aren’t trying to push it onto me.

    • Anton A. Hill Says:

      Hi Powpow,

      I can’t speak for the other commenters, but I challenge you to prove that this article and my comments are an attack on Christians. Don’t get me wrong. I do attack Christianity and some Christians, but I think you’d be hard-pressed to find such a thing in the content of the post and my related comments.

      As with the above, please cite any place where I’ve stated in this article and related comments where I said Christians have “stupid, flimsy beliefs.” I agree you do, but I didn’t say that. I’ve called them delusional and bullshit, but not flimsy. Although now that you mention it, I should’ve said that as well. Unless you can cite one single piece of objectively verifiable, testable, reproducible evidence for a single supernatural claim you’d make of your faith, then it is stupid and flimsy.

      If you personally are not trying to push your beliefs on others, then why would you be offended by the mentioning of the fact that there are those who are?

      Prove that God loves everyone, even gays. I have Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13 among others as my evidence. What’s yours?

      God does hate and there are plenty of places in the Bible that substantiate that, not the least of which are either His direct genocide, or His orders that his followers commit genocide.

      That’s all fine and good that you don’t have a problem with gay marriage, but what do you mean by, “as long as they aren’t trying to push it onto me”? How would that even work?

  15. Lady Gaga wa raised as a Catholic I believe, for what it’s worth, but the song is meant as a “fuck you” to religious groups… They claim that all God’s creatures are made in his image and perfect…as in God makes no mistakes. It’s a response to a terrible hypocrisy. She is also a gay-rights activist. She is probably a god/religion hater due to her up bringing and stance on human rights!

    • Anton A. Hill Says:

      It’s all wonderful that the song is a “fuck you” to religious groups, but that still doesn’t preclude God. Gag makes claims–specifically of “Him”–which are monotheistic. Thus, as I’ve pointed out, she’s excluding from her song and message anyone who doesn’t follow that.

      I think it’s a mistake to claim that she’s a god/religion hater when she clearly makes appeals to God.

      Whoopie. She’s into human rights. So she should include everyone, not just monotheists!

  16. […] I’m always so pleased when not only atheist-related projects get off the ground, but those that are focused solely on the positive aspects of atheism rather than just more bitching. […]

  17. robertadler@gmx.net Says:

    I’m an atheist and I love Lady GaGa! She said in an australian interview: “It doesn’t matter if you believe in God or not, but you have to believe in yourself.” Seriously, she’s an intelligent woman! Yes, she is religous, but not fundamentalistic or dogmatic in any way- she has a lot of atheist friends and accepts it totally. She would never ever try to brainwash people or something. She’s just eccentric- that’s all.

    • Anton A. Hill Says:

      Hey Robert,

      To be clear, as I thought I had been, though maybe not, I have nothing against Gaga or her music. I just find it strange that she’s been so overwhelmingly praised for her “inclusion” when said inclusion doesn’t include all that it could include. Unmerited praise bugs me. That’s all.



  18. You make a good point. But you have to agree surely, that the premise of the song IS exceptance. God isn’t the prevalent theme of this song. I know that the mere mention of the word God in a book or song or anything aggravates atheists. But why don’t we look at the whole song in It’s entirety and that is to love yourself and EVERYONE no matter who you are? I don’t like this song myself. But I respect it for what it is.

    • Anton A. Hill Says:

      Hi Marney,

      I agree that the premise is acceptance, which is why the wave-of-hand exclusion of those who don’t believe in what she claims makes no sense. She had 100% control over the lyrics of her song. She could’ve chosen to rhyme anything with anything else (except maybe “orange” which I don’t think rhymes with anything) and she chose what she chose. And its not the mention of God that aggravates me. It’s that the mention of him and his thoughts, feelings, and actions, is antithetical to the alleged premise of the song. If she is talking about the Abrahamic God, there’s plenty of evidence in the various scriptures that he is not inclusive at all. This must mean that she’s making up the god she’s talking about, but she doesn’t indicate that. She uses the masculine, singular object pronoun “him.” AS I’ve told others, it’s the unmerited praise of the song that bothers me.



      • Hey, if you were a Chinese how would you feel about being referred to as “a fucking Chinese”?

        & I don’t get it, you don’t hate gaga but you accuse her of excluding groups you seem to sympathize for without actually asking her if that was her intent just quote mining her lyrics, her lyrics? seriously, you take song lyrics that seriously? Ok so did you take your meds today?

        Hey instead of practically defaming her why don’t her ask her if she intends to exclude atheists in her musical ramblings! You know i am no fan of her shenanigans & i have enjoyed a few of her songs but i think if you are going to levy accusation against her as if she were a baptist preacher rallying christian cult against infidels instead of gays, i think she deserves a chance to speak up for herself, and tell her side of the story, you think?

        • Hi Joe,

          Thanks for reading. Admittedly, I wrote this post years ago, so I can’t tell you exactly what meds I was taking at the time, but I’ll give it a go.

          I’m not sure what to make of your first sentence, so I’m gonna go ahead and ignore it.

          Ah, no, I don’t hate Ga Ga. I do accuse her of excluding because 1. the whole song is about being “born this way” and how being born whatever way is great, but 2. she repeatedly invokes a deity which A. isn’t what everyone believes (many are polytheists) and B. isn’t what some of us believe at all. So, in her effort to include, she has excluded. Her song ironically defeats itself. And, as I think I pointed out in the post, she wrote it so could’ve written anything she wanted.

          Given that Ga Ga is a world-famous rock star and I’m me, I’m not sure how you suppose I would’ve asked her.

          Quote mining her lyrics? How so?

          No, I don’t take song lyrics that seriously.

          How does offering somewhat tongue-in-cheek criticism of song lyrics “defame” the artist? Perhaps a review of defamation law is in order?

          Her intent is irrelevant. The lyrics do exclude atheists.

          Hey, if you can arrange a conversation between me and Ga Ga, I’m down.



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