Stupid Easter post on Macroscope!

I’ve been subscribed to my AFI friend Damon Young’s blog Macroscope for some time. He usually posts pretty cool shit on all sorts of topics. Today, I got this:

Seven Last Words
HE died for you. Sunday, HE lives.

Followed by this video clip:

Jesus dies on the cross

On which I commented:

HE is a myth. Sunday was co-opted from Pagan traditions. Look it up.

Since it’s a moderated blog, I don’t expect Damon to approve my comment, and even if he does, I don’t expect any future conversation on the subject to be pleasant. Thus, rather than invite a huge debate which may have inevitably gotten personal, I chose to unsubscribe to Macroscope. I’m a little sad as I greatly enjoyed the vast majority of Damon’s posts, but I’m just so fucking sick of putting up with religious bullshit and don’t want to get into it with him that removing it from my inbox is probably for the best.

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