Thank you, Carl Franke, for your manifesto!

Following is the strongest I’ve heard of an atheist manifesto in a long time.

“…I’m so fucking sick of being told to shut up about my criticism of religion. Atheists aren’t flying airplanes into buildings. Atheists aren’t blowing up trash cans in N Ireland. Atheists aren’t mutilating children’s genetals. Atheists aren’t telling Africans that condoms don’t prevent the spread of aides. Atheists aren’t trying to force lawmakers to follow the biblical laws. Atheists aren’t anti-homosexual. Not anti gay-marriage, not pro gay-bullying. Atheists aren’t talking to my children behind my back and telling them they can live for eternity if they believe in god or that their daddy is going to hell.

“Atheists aren’t doing a lot of the nasty shit that religion is doing and I’ve decided that I’m not going to be quiet any longer. I’m not going to be quiet. I’m going to stand up and speak my god damned mind. And fuck them if they have to attack my character because they can’t attack my arguments.

“There is no god. If there was, he’d be pissed off at what his followers were doing. If there was a god, I’d fucking know it.”

–Carl Franke

Damn straight, Carl! Preach it, motherfucker!!

One Response to “Thank you, Carl Franke, for your manifesto!”

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