An Easter conversation erased

I saw lots of greetings from lots of people on Facebook on Easter. One of them was this:

Pen Pal
Fully receiving Easter heartedly and open hearted!!! =-D

Out of sincere curiosity and also because I usually feel compelled to question people on their beliefs, I responded with mainly questions as to what she meant by “fully receiving” Easter and doing so “open hearted.” I swear I wasn’t a dick. As I’d later explain to Pen, I honestly didn’t know what she’d meant by that.

There was lots of back and forth. She talked about the pursuit of “truth.” I pointed out that truth was not dependent on the point of view of the pursuer, but rather on the evidence. She mentioned “spirituality”, I asked her to define it. She mentioned that religion and spirituality deserve respect (not in reaction to me), I questioned that assertion and pointed out that both religion and spirituality promoted ignorance and violence. She pointed out that a conversation could only go so far when one party was a closed “receptor.” I asked her if she was calling me “closed” why she did so as I was merely asking questions. She didn’t respond.

Why haven’t I posted any of that?

She erased it all.


I’ve known Pen since high school. I like her a lot. She’s generally a very sweet lady. And what goes on her Facebook Wall or else where under her control is entirely up to her, but:

What the fuck??!!

One of the last things I’d mentioned was that confirmation of one’s beliefs didn’t equal validation. And she shut me up. Ha! She shut me up! My last post on the thread was this:

No worries–>This is my last on here. Just thought it was funny that you deleted our conversation. Kind of proves my point of the desire of confirmation rather than validation.

This has always been a frustration for me with the religious. They claim to be “open-minded” and to desire questions and to pursue truth. Yet, most often, when we approach them with sincere questions and requests of definition, this is what happens. The proverbial covering of the ears. This leads me to conclude that the religious are (sometimes) liars. They are NOT interested in open inquiry. I don’t know what kind of conversation or questioning they are interested in, but I suspect it’s little beyond, “How can I be exactly like you?”

3 Responses to “An Easter conversation erased”

  1. […] In addition to the above, I found it really amusing that Jamie M kept crying foul when, yes, the only reason we were even having a conversation was that she chose to have one.  In my observation, this is a very common technique among the religious.  When anyone questions, not criticizes, but questions your belief, play victim.  Hey, worked for Belinda. […]

  2. […] with people I did know, despite the fact that they’d proudly made stupid statements like, “I accept Easter fully,” and posted those statements on publicly available sites like Facebook, they didn’t want them […]

  3. […] Not her real name, no. I don’t feel like dealing with her googling her name and having this pop up, like what happened here. […]

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